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The terror attack in Beit Horon, where the late Shlomit Krigman was murdered Monday and Adina Cohen was injured, ended with the termination of the Arab terrorists by Akhsan Kherev, a Druze security guard who arrived on the scene. Speaking to radio station FM103, Kherev said he heard local residents shouting there were terrorists near the grocery store.

“I started running towards the grocery store, people told me they had gone in the direction of the fence. I started to run again, I saw two terrorists hiding behind cardboard boxes near the fence. I circled them and got within 15 feet of them. One of the terrorist threw at me three or four pipe bombs that didn’t explode. Both of them attacked me with knives, so I eliminated them. There was another security man nearby who helped me.”


“I’ve been four years on the job,” said Kherev. “I’m a Druze from Maghar village up north, married, father of two. I served in Shchem, I’m familiar with all these problems. I don’t wish to discuss the security situation.”

When Swedish FM Margot Wallström and US Ambassador Dan Shapiro count this case as yet another Israeli “extrajudicial execution,” they should mention the pipe bombs and the knives.



  1. The Swedish FM, Ambassador Shapiro, BanKiMoon should also mention the muder of the lovely young woman Shlomit Krigman, the woman who was also attacked, the attemped murder of shopers AND the security guard! There doesn't seem to be an end BUT Ban kiMoon has just CONDONED THESE MURDERS. So where does he want Jews to live, and where does he recognize Jewish sovreignity? Jews have lived in Judea and Samaria 3000 years ago! Perhaps he doesn't know that. PS. I gather the king of Jordan came from Saudi Arabia, and that a large number of the Palastinean leadership came from Egypt and Saudia, and Jordan.

  2. Many thanks to the brave Druze man who prevented these killers from hurting anyone else. I do not care what the world thinks we shoud or should not do. Jews are not going to be sluaghered just to please the Swedish or any other anti-semites – who like to see as many dead Jews as possible. We now have the means tio defend ourselves and will do so whenever necessary.

  3. Ms. Goodman we appreciate your comments however they are very inaccurate accounts. You mention that ISRAEL should do whatever they can and whenever necessary? The Israeli government has been sitting on their behind while hundreds of Israel's citizens are stabbed to death. What is necessary is to remove a portion of the "leaders" of Israel and replace them with true defenders of Israel. Four months after months I have been suggesting that every citizen who served in the army should be issued either a handgun or a rifle and should be allowed to open carry it. Today finally the prime minister is considering to surround today Judea & Samaria with IDF security??? He has been asleep at the wheel for the past six months while all these Israelis died.! And why does anybody pay attention to the United Nations because all they do is condone the elimination of the state of Israel and its people.

  4. Jonas Lieberman I regret that I agree with every word you say, though I like Bibi well, and Yaálon. But one cannot cow-tow to the UN- they have absolutely no sense of statehood, or fairlness. You cannot let madmen dictate to you, and this is what they do, and they impose it on Israel.

  5. Jonas Lieberman You believe you are smarter and better! you stand on a box and tell people what to ! obviously you walked in their shoes ? no ? there is still time ! go to israel ,create a coalition find the money ask your children to be guards I mean its easy right ? talk is CHEAP!!! Insults and name calling are easy !

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