Five Israeli Druze Arrested for Retaliatory Kidnapping of Hebron Arabs

The Druze kidnapped the PA Arabs after PA Arabs kidnapped and murdered Tinan Fero.

Former Israeli minister: Druze Tribal Warfare Tactics a Model for Israel

“The Druze youth protesting in the streets and obstructing roads delivered a message to the Palestinians,” says Ayoub Kara.

3 Druze IDF Soldiers Arrested, Suspected of Hurling Bombs at PA Arab’s Home

Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi decided to appoint Lt. Col. Ayub Kiyof from the Druze community to commander of the Menashe Brigade.

Report: IDF Suspended Jenin Operation after Terrorists Released Tiran Fero’s Body

The plan to enter Jenin with large IDF forces to carry out mass arrests of terrorists has been on the table for many months.

Terrified of the Druze, Arabs Return Stolen Boy’s Body

The Druze threatened they will start kidnapping and killing residents of Jenin if the PA Terrorists don't return the boy's body..

Druze Community Threatens Jenin If Boy’s Body Not Returned

“If the body of the young man is not returned, we will take revenge on the employees from Jenin who work in Druze cities.”

Arab School Principal Suspended over his IDF Service

An Education Ministry inspector allegedly leaked the information about his IDF service to the activists.

Israeli Arab MK Rejects Israeli Sovereignty, Announces Visit to ‘Syrian’ Golan

The Arab Joint List leader likewise brazenly embraced a convicted terrorist and Syrian spy who is committed to the destruction of the Jewish State.

Druze Reporter Blood Libels MK Ben Gvir, Watch Him Lie Brazenly on the Evening...

Every day I like Itamar Ben Gvir more. He’ll make a great Internal Security Minister someday.

Druze Population Increased Tenfold Since Founding of State

From a population of 14,500 in 1949, the Druze population has risen to some 149,000 as of December 31, 2021.

Israeli Arab & Druze Hezbollah Agents Arrested

"This affair illustrates the efforts of Iranian and other terrorist elements to exploit the Arab and Druze citizens of Israel."

IDF HR Officer: More than 20 ‘Minority’ Soldiers Refused Orders or Went AWOL During...

At the end of the operation, some of them just showed up at their bases and were allowed to resume their regular service.

Israel Announces First Druze City

Ayelet Shaked announced on Tuesday her decision to change the municipal status of Maghar and turn it from a local council into a city, becoming the first Druze city in Israel, and possibly in the entire world.

Former Israeli Communications Minister: I Was Anwar Sadat’s Druze Translator

“Presidents Obama and Clinton's mistake was that they thought there could be democracy in Egypt,” Kara explained.

Volunteer Policeman Killed in Hit-and-Run in Nahariya

Hussam Sajeer had volunteered to work that day, so that a Jewish police officer could have the day off to celebrate Sukkot with his family.

Rabbi Kanievsky: Unvaccinated Teachers Must Not Come to School

Rabbi Kanievsky stressed that the vaccines are "siata d'shmaya" (help from Heaven).

First Druze Colonel in Israeli Air Force Takes Command of Maintenance Unit

Col. Awad Suleiman “burst through the glass ceiling, thereby forming an example and an inspiration for so many,” says his commander.

Nasrallah Threatening War Even as Druze in South Lebanon Reject Hezbollah

"Today Lebanon appears to have lost its anchor and is now in need of a resuscitation."

Former Communications Minister Kara Stranded on Iran-Azerbaijan Border after Car Trouble

Kara visited a joint Italian-Israeli dairy farm and cheese factory which is under construction in the Karabakh region.

Former Druze MK to Represent Israel as Senior Emissary on North American Colleges

"In the name of pluralism and diversity, we will work to connect, bridge, and emphasize what we have in common, for our country and our future.”

Yamina Minister to Haredi Leaders: When Did You Last Pray Lying Down in the...

The most combative among the incoming team was undoubtedly the next Minister of Religious Services (Bennett's old job) Matan Kahana from Yamina.

First and Only Memorial Day Ceremony held in Israeli-Arab Society

Four memorial candles were lit in memory of the Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Druze IDF casualties, and a fifth candle, a candle of hope for the unity of Israeli society.

Druze MK Calls on Likud to Secure a Spot for Pollard on Its Election...

"For years we waited for the moment when you would make aliyah to Eretz Israel and, thank God, this day has come."
Golan Heights Wind Farm

Druze Outrage Over Israeli Plan to Install Wind Turbines on Golan Heights

“A state of anger prevails among the people who have moved to their lands to prevent the Israeli authorities from installing the fans.”

Jordanian-Backed Israeli NGO Accused of Illegally Promoting Druze Draft Dodging

"The Druze are our brothers and are a cornerstone of the State of Israel. We cannot allow radical groups with foreign interests to erode our brotherhood."

Religious Minorities Request Their Texts be Read at State Ceremonies for Fallen IDF Soldiers

The petitioners want more inclusiveness in the official ceremonies for religious-minorities who have also fallen in battle.
Israel Inspired: Jeremy Corbyn & The Unforgivable Sin

New Masterplan Approved for Druze Township in Galilee

"Organized, forward-thinking policy of this kind is in the best interests of the residents themselves."


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