Ambassador’s Son Found Decapitated in Northern Israel

The 43-year-old victim was the son of the late Naim Araidi, a noted Druze author and scholar who also served as Israel’s ambassador to Norway from 2012-2014.

Druze Woman Who Interrogated Hamas Terrorists Declines State Honor after Threats to her Life

She endured harassment from hostile Arabs who recognized her on the street, tore her Star of David chain, and threatened to kill her.

As Druze Mark Holiday, Figures Show Tenfold Growth Since Israel’s Founding

The holiday marks the anniversary of the death of the Biblical figure, Jethro, to who the Druze trace their ancestry.

Druze Restaurant Goes Kosher to Unite With Soldiers

“I want to feed all the Israeli soldiers! They all are like my children, doesn’t matter, Druze or Jewish,” said Basma Hino, the owner of the restaurant Noor.

Next Catastrophe Brewing: Syrian Sympathizers Work on IDF Bases

Members of the Islamic movement in Israel have marked Kibbutz Megiddo as a primary destination for their "return."

Druze Activists Emulate YESH Hilltop Youth, Establish Outposts

The blatantly illegal outposts are being set up in Carmel and the Galilee by Druze activists wearing tee shirts that say, "Ad Kan."

Druze Man on Trial for Hiring Assassins to Murder his LGBT Sister

About a month before the murder, Sharit complained to police that she was afraid her brother would hurt her and wanted to move away from her village.

Jordan Allowing Golan Druze to Enter Kingdom Without Visas or Preconditions

This move negates the need for Druze to get an Israeli ID to visit an Arab country.

Israel Postpones Work on Golan Wind Farm over Druze Objections

Construction on the project was delayed until August 1 in response to violent protests by Druze residents in the area last month.

Netanyahu Gives in to Druze Violence, Halts $400 mil. Golan Turbine Project

On Friday, Sheikh Tarif announced that the state must stop promoting wind turbine construction, otherwise, there would be consequences.

Netanyahu Warns, ‘We Are a Nation of Laws’

Despite the warning, Netanyahu agreed to suspend construction on the wind turbines in the Golan Heights following a meeting with Druze spiritual leader Sheikh Moafaq Tarif.

2 Seriously Injured in Clashes between Thousands of Rioting Golan Druze and Police Over...

It appears that after they signed the contracts, nationalistic groups put pressure on the landowners who asked to withdraw their consent.

Coalition to Debate Softer ‘Zionist Values’ Bill Acknowledging the Druze, Haredim

Was this another Otzma legislation destined to fizzle out because it was not thought out by professionals?

Five Israeli Druze Arrested for Retaliatory Kidnapping of Hebron Arabs

The Druze kidnapped the PA Arabs after PA Arabs kidnapped and murdered Tinan Fero.

Former Israeli minister: Druze Tribal Warfare Tactics a Model for Israel

“The Druze youth protesting in the streets and obstructing roads delivered a message to the Palestinians,” says Ayoub Kara.

3 Druze IDF Soldiers Arrested, Suspected of Hurling Bombs at PA Arab’s Home

Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi decided to appoint Lt. Col. Ayub Kiyof from the Druze community to commander of the Menashe Brigade.

Report: IDF Suspended Jenin Operation after Terrorists Released Tiran Fero’s Body

The plan to enter Jenin with large IDF forces to carry out mass arrests of terrorists has been on the table for many months.

Terrified of the Druze, Arabs Return Stolen Boy’s Body

The Druze threatened they will start kidnapping and killing residents of Jenin if the PA Terrorists don't return the boy's body..

Druze Community Threatens Jenin If Boy’s Body Not Returned

“If the body of the young man is not returned, we will take revenge on the employees from Jenin who work in Druze cities.”

Arab School Principal Suspended over his IDF Service

An Education Ministry inspector allegedly leaked the information about his IDF service to the activists.

Israeli Arab MK Rejects Israeli Sovereignty, Announces Visit to ‘Syrian’ Golan

The Arab Joint List leader likewise brazenly embraced a convicted terrorist and Syrian spy who is committed to the destruction of the Jewish State.

Druze Reporter Blood Libels MK Ben Gvir, Watch Him Lie Brazenly on the Evening...

Every day I like Itamar Ben Gvir more. He’ll make a great Internal Security Minister someday.

Druze Population Increased Tenfold Since Founding of State

From a population of 14,500 in 1949, the Druze population has risen to some 149,000 as of December 31, 2021.

Israeli Arab & Druze Hezbollah Agents Arrested

"This affair illustrates the efforts of Iranian and other terrorist elements to exploit the Arab and Druze citizens of Israel."

IDF HR Officer: More than 20 ‘Minority’ Soldiers Refused Orders or Went AWOL During...

At the end of the operation, some of them just showed up at their bases and were allowed to resume their regular service.

Israel Announces First Druze City

Ayelet Shaked announced on Tuesday her decision to change the municipal status of Maghar and turn it from a local council into a city, becoming the first Druze city in Israel, and possibly in the entire world.

Former Israeli Communications Minister: I Was Anwar Sadat’s Druze Translator

“Presidents Obama and Clinton's mistake was that they thought there could be democracy in Egypt,” Kara explained.


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