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Bezalel Smotrich

The Religious Zionist Party led by MK and former Minister of Transportation Bezalel Smotrich today launched its Anglo outreach campaign, aimed at the hundreds of thousands of Israeli citizens who made Aliyah from English-speaking countries, ahead of next month’s elections.

The campaign’s slogan is ‘Ensuring Israel’s Jewish Identity’ and will focus on the party’s unique selling point as the only party specifically directed to those who want to preserve and even bolster Israel’s Jewish identity.


“Israeli citizens who originate from English-speaking countries are generally passionate Zionists and deeply committed to ensuring Israel’s Jewish identity, an issue which we passionately share at the Religious Zionist Party,” Smotrich said. “Our party is a natural home for Anglos which are disproportionately religious and traditional, and are on the Right-wing of Israel’s political spectrum, so we would like to be their voice on these issues in the next Knesset.”

A poll was recently undertaken of Anglo Israelis and found over 28% said they will vote for the Religious Zionist party in the upcoming elections, the largest share of any party, with Likud receiving the next largest share of the vote at 16%.

The poll also found that the largest share of recipients when asked what issues they cared about most chose Israel’s Jewish identity at 35%, absorption of Olim into Israel at 23% and promoting Aliyah at 20%.

“It is clear to me as someone close to the Anglo community that what they care about and the values and issues they hold dear are the same as the foundational principles of the Religious Zionist Party,” MK Simcha Rothman said. “While some would like weaken Israel’s Jewish identity, we know the overwhelming majority of Anglo Israelis and Israelis in general are committed to do the opposite. Olim from English-speaking countries came to Israel precisely because it is the national homeland of the Jewish People and so we need to ensure that its Jewish identity is protected and strengthened.”

On the list of party candidates for the next Knesset is Rabbi David Fine who was originally a pulpit rabbi in Kansas City and Milwaukee and is the founder of The Anglo Vision, a movement of English-speaking Israelis who seek to coalesce the community around a vision of unifying positions that can become a voice on issues that the community cares about amongst decision-makers.
“I have met with a lot of leaders of different parties that showed interest in the Anglo vote but not Anglo issues,” Rabbi Fine said. “The Religious Zionist Party is the only party which consistently raises the flag on issues which are important to Israelis from English-speaking countries. I have found a natural and welcoming home for our community amongst all the leaders and activists within the party, who understand our passion for contribution and to effect positive and long-lasting change in our beloved State of Israel.”

The party has opened a Facebook page which will explain its positions to the English-speaking public on issues like the importance of ensuring Israel’s Jewish identity, reforming the judicial system and the educational system, and defending the IDF and the security forces. MKs, members of the party list and party activists will also be spending time on the streets of prominent Anglo areas in the coming weeks to try and explain why to vote for the Religious Zionist Party.


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