Photo Credit: Noam Revah, nature and Parks Authority
This salamander was almost killed because of the good intentions of a hiker.

A hiker in the Ein Lior area near Tsfat came across a common salamander, thought it was in danger, and decided to save it, so he brought it to the wildlife hospital of the Nature and Parks Authority in the Ramat Gan Safari. There, it became clear there was no reason for a rescue, but that because of being “saved,” the salamander is now in danger because in spring when the temperatures rise, the salamanders begin to enter hibernation until next winter. And when it is yanked out of its environment, it may fail to re-enter hibernation.

The common salamander is one of seven amphibian species living in Israel and is active on rainy winter nights.


About a third of the world’s amphibian species are in danger of extinction as their habitats are destroyed, territories are fragmented causing the isolation of species populations, and they are subject to disease, climate change, invasive species, and being run over by cars.

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