Photo Credit: Wissam Nassar / Flash 90
Arab terrorist sabotaging the Gaza border fence, May 4, 2018.

An Arab who was sabotaging the border fence in the northern Gaza Strip was shot and killed by IDF fire near the al-Awda refugee camp on Monday.

A spokesman for the Ministry of Health in Gaza confirmed the death of Sabri Ahmed Abu Khader, 24.


According to the IDF Spokesperson’s Office, five terrorists attempted to sabotage security infrastructure along the Gaza Strip border, and as a result of an explosion nearby they were all injured. There were no casualties among IDF forces.

According to Ma’an, the five “youths” approached the border fence to demonstrate, but the Israeli army opened fire on them.

On the other hand, Ma’an noted joyfully that more fires broke out near Kibbutz Kissufim as a result of thermal balloons carrying firebombs. So it wasn’t all bad.