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Anti-Drone Gun

The IDF is expected to start issuing special anti-drone guns to take down explosive-carrying drones sent into Israeli territory from the Gaza Strip, Yedioth Aharonoth reported Thursday.


The guns, manufactured by a civilian company, generate frequencies that disrupt and take over the radio-controlled aircraft. The gun has already undergone successful testing and is being sold on the open market.

The decision to purchase and issue the guns followed a string of attacks that used explosives-bearing drones against IDF troops on the Gaza border. Recently such a drone dropped its charge next to an IDF tank by the border fence. No one was injured and there was no damage to the tank, but this could change should the other side use heavier charges.

The newspaper cited sources in the southern command and the Gaza division that say Hamas and the Islamic Jihad are constantly upgrading their weapons to inflict damage and loss of life inside Israel. Unlike the incendiary balloons and the explosives-carrying kites Gaza terrorists have been using, the drones are able to reach deeper inside Israeli territory and move a lot faster.

The IDF plans courses on the use of the new gun for its soldiers who serve along the Gaza Strip border, as soon as shipments of the new gun arrive.