Photo Credit: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90
It's business as usual as Gazans repair the tunnels used to smuggle in the long-range rockets that hit Tel Aviv.

But will they sustain continued flooding by rain and sewer water?

The tunnels are dug 60–82 feet underground, usually through sandy soil requiring their roof to be supported by a more durable level of clay. The sand is so shifty, that the tunnels must also be reinforced by concrete panels, which are manufactured in workshops near to each tunnel, using cement imported by UNRWA for home construction.


So while the tunnels themselves may be durable enough, the sand around them is likely to erode in a severe flood. This may provide an opportunity for the Israeli military to go in on short missions, as it has been doing in the months since the end of the war, to take out individual tunnels as they are discovered.



  1. oh i would help it out by shoving water canons in them
    and using the sewage from homes and buisness to fill them up
    flack be damned i would start doing the same in Israel.
    we all know there doing it there as well

  2. The Almighty is stretching his arm. Did anyone including the UN, EU and the rest of the world, think that if all the Gaza'n people and their government would be real good neighbors as the should be that the tunnels would become obsolete as then all the border crossings would be permanently open with no special restrictions with open seaways and so on? And that includes the Egyptian one as well and all the homes that were just cleared by them would still be standing. So really WHO IS TO BLAME?

  3. We must all pray that HASHEM gives Gaza so much water, that all the tunnels will be flooded with sewer water,. I hope that Hamas becomes so thirsty that they will drink all the sewer water.
    That is all they are worthy of.
    May all those tunnels cave in from the weight of the water.

    Please HASHEM, don't stop the flooding for at least 10 days, May those sewr rats, Hamas all drown in the sewer tunnels

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