Photo Credit: IDF
Israeli force securing works in the Gaza Strip.

According to CNN’s analysis of a satellite image captured on March 6th, Israel has completed paving an east-west road, approximately 4 miles wide, from the Gaza-Israel border to the Mediterranean. This road divides northern Gaza, including Gaza City, from the southern part of the enclave. About 1.2 miles of the road utilizes existing infrastructure, while the remainder is newly constructed.


If you’ve been wondering about the Netanyahu cabinet’s plans for the day after, this should be a meaningful hint. CNN was informed by the IDF that they are utilizing the route to “establish an operational foothold in the area,” and to facilitate “the passage of forces as well as logistical equipment.” Regarding the completion of the route, the IDF stated that the road existed before the conflict and is currently undergoing “renovation” due to damage caused by armored vehicles. The IDF also mentioned that there is no specific “beginning and ending” to the road.

Well, you probably won’t be able to drive your car past the shoreline.

According to CNN, on February 23, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu presented a plan to his security cabinet outlining the future of Gaza, which includes proposals for the “complete demilitarization” of the enclave, along with significant reforms to its security, civil administration, and education systems.

Gaza residents have expressed their concerns to CNN’s Celine Alkhaldi, Allegra Goodwin, and Richard Allen Greene that Israel’s post-Hamas security initiatives may exacerbate the restrictions on their freedom of movement. They recalled that before the IDF left Gaza in 2005, it established checkpoints between neighboring villages and constructed exclusive bypass roads connecting Israeli settlements inside Gaza to each other and to Israel.

Did anyone say, resettle Gush Katif?

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