Photo Credit: Abir Sultan / Flash90
"Pitzutz Shel Kiosk" - March 23, 2011

On March 23, 2011, Arab terrorists placed a bomb next to the #74 bus stop near the Jerusalem’s Binyanei Hauma building, in front of the store “Pitzutz Shel Kiosk”.

At 3 PM, the kiosk owner’s brother-in-law, David Amuyal, noticed a suspicious bag near the store and he called the police.


He succeeded in moving some people away, but then the bomb, filled with ball-bearings and metal, exploded.

In the explosion, a tourist from England, Mary Jean Gardner, was murdered and 39 more people were wounded, including Amuyal.

Among the wounded was Hodaya Nechama Assulin of Mevo Horon. She was 14-years-old at the time.

Hodaya has been in a coma since the 2011 attack.

Two weeks ago her condition took a turn for the worse, and on Wednesday morning she passed away. Another victim of “Palestinian” terrorism.

The kiosk had been renamed “Pitzutz Shel Kiosk” or “Blast of a Kiosk” in 1994 by the owner Shimshon Moshe, after an Arab suicide bomber blew it up on December 25, 1994, killing 13 people. The owner vowed that the terrorists would not win and he would continue to work there.







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