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Hamas briefing

Gaza’s ruling Hamas terrorist organization and its allies celebrated a terrorist attack Thursday night in Tel Aviv that left at least two people dead and 14 others wounded, including at least four in serious to critical condition, and several with severe anxiety.

2 Dead, 14 Hurt in Multi-Site Tel Aviv Shooting Attack


Senior Hamas leader Mahmoud a-Zahar said in a statement that the Iranian-backed organization “welcomes the operation in Tel Aviv, as a result of the ongoing aggression on the land in the holy sites,” Abu Ali Express reported.

A longer statement was published by Hamas shortly after.

“The resistance against the occupation and the soldiers is continuous and escalating. It is a natural response in defense of our people and our sanctuaries. We congratulate the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) for the heroic operation that took place this evening, in the middle of Tel Aviv, and led to the killing of a number of occupying soldiers and Zionist settlers,” the statement said.

“The continuation of the occupations terrorism and crimes, and its attempts to Judaize Jerusalem, and to make sacrifices in the courtyards of the Al Aqsa Mosque to build their alleged temple, on the so-called Easter holiday, without which blood and bullets stand. Our people will not allow that, and our resistance will stand by anyone who thinks of violating our sanctity and our sanctuary, and the days bear witness to that,” the statement said.

The Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist organization, an ally of Hamas and a protege of Iran, likewise blessed the attack.

The Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine also released a statement lauding the terrorist. “Tel Aviv’s heroic operation is a blow to the security system of the occupation and a response to its crimes and ongoing aggression against our people and the Al Aqsa Mosque,” the DFLP said.

In the Palestinian Authority capital city of Ramallah, and the Samaria city of Jenin, Arab citizens handed out sweets in the street to passersby to celebrate the attack.

A spokesperson for the Palestinian Authority’s leading Fatah faction said, “Continued occupation and killing and seizure of land, will lead to more violence and killing.”

People in Gaza also took to the streets to celebrate the attack, according to the Gaza Now outlet. Celebrations also took place in the streets of Lebanon, with people waving what appeared to be green Hamas flags along with those of the Palestinian Authority and Hezbollah.

This is the first week of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, a time in which terrorism typically spikes.

Terrorist organizations have repeatedly broadcast the fantasy that “Jewish settlers” are “storming the Al Aqsa Mosque” on the Temple Mount, whipping Muslim worshipers into a maximum frenzy.

Thursday night’s attack took place less than 24 hours before the first Ramadan Friday, when hundreds of thousands of Muslim worshipers are expected to flood into Jerusalem.


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