Lone Wolf Arab Terrorists Inspired by Islamist Incitement

Who's who of the Islamic inciters, inspirers, funders and terror-supporters.

At Least 8 PA Arabs Killed in Jenin Shootout with Terrorists

Israeli forces were reportedly attempting to arrest a senior Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist planning a major attack.

Two PA Arabs, Including PIJ Terror Commander, Killed in Firefight with IDF in Jenin

Israeli forces came under heavy fire during a counter-terror operation in the city, according to the Israel Defense Forces.

Gaza Rocket Attack Fizzles in Hamas Territory

One rocket was fired at Israel from Gaza late Tuesday night, but did not trigger a Red Alert incoming rocket siren because it did not clear the border security fence.

Former Israeli minister: Druze Tribal Warfare Tactics a Model for Israel

“The Druze youth protesting in the streets and obstructing roads delivered a message to the Palestinians,” says Ayoub Kara.

Lull Over: Rocket Fired from Gaza, IDF Attacks Hamas Targets

Hamas reportedly pressured the Islamic Jihad not to retaliate for the assassination.

PA Raids ‘Large Palestinian Islamic Jihad Bomb Lab’ in Jenin

Report: Palestinian Authority forces arrested two members of the terror group, several bombs and a large quantity of explosives.

Terrified of the Druze, Arabs Return Stolen Boy’s Body

The Druze threatened they will start kidnapping and killing residents of Jenin if the PA Terrorists don't return the boy's body..

Update: Israeli Druze Boy was Kidnapped Alive from Jenin Hospital and Then Murdered

According to the uncle, the terrorists disconnected the boy from life support.

Jenin Terrorists Snatch Israeli in Car Accident

A second young man from Daliat el Carmel was also injured in the accident. He was flown by helicopter to Rambam Medical Center in Haifa and is alive.

Killing of Terrorist Who Won’t Die Now Set to Music

Warning: the images in these tweets are disturbing and graphic, please avoid them if you are sensitive.

PA Arab Terror Factions Agree to Elections, But We’ve Heard That Before

In preparation for an Arab summit in Algiers next month, the heads of 14 factions, including Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's Fatah organization and the Islamist party Hamas, met for two days.

Palestinian Authority and Armed Factions in Shechem Reach a Truce

The Palestinian Authority has been steadily losing control of they cities they occupy.

Lapid Reviews Terrorism in Samaria, as Number of Threats Climbs

The Islamic Jihad organization, under Iran’s guidance, has pushed out the PA from a number of areas in Judea and Samaria.

IDF Exposes Which Gazans Helped Islamic Jihad Fire Rockets Which Killed Gazans

These Gazans let Islamic Jihad launch rockets from their homes and property which killed and injured multiple Gazans.

Islamic Jihad Fighter Critically Injured in Clashes with IDF Overnight Sunday

One Arab was shot with two bullets in both of his feet while driving his motorcycle.

Gaza Child Killed When Explosives Improperly Stored in Residential Home Detonate

The home in Khan Younis belonged to a member of a Gazan terrorist group, according to the Israeli military.

PA Security Forces Arrest Two Islamic Jihad Recruits in Possession of 17kg of Explosives

While the explosives were reportedly rudimentary, their sheer volume is being construed as evidence of PIJ's growing presence and power in Judea and Samaria.

Watch: IDF Halts Tank Fire When Child Enters Terror Target Zone

During Operation Breaking Dawn, an IDF tank was about to destroy an Islamic Jihad terrorist lookout position, when...

UN Team Visits Senior Islamic Jihad Terrorist in Prison

Al-Sa’adi was arrested last week by Israeli Special Forces in a counterterrorism operation in Jenin

After Gaza Operation Lapid a Little Stronger, Netanyahu’s Bloc at 59

64% said Lapid did very well to good in handling the war, and only 17% said very badly to quite bad.

Jerusalem Clarifies: We Gave Nothing to the Islamic Jihad

While the Islamic Jihad achieved nothing, the IDF emphasized its satisfaction with meeting the objectives of the operation – causing significant damage to the Islamic Jihad’s chain of command.

The Day After: 15 Gazans Killed by Failed Terrorist Rockets, 35 by IDF Fire

Israel was unafraid to squeeze the Gazans when it came to halting humanitarian support during the clashes.

Ceasefire Begins On Time, With Heavy Rocket Fire to the Last Moment

"If the ceasefire is violated, the State of Israel maintains the right to respond strongly. We will not allow any disruption to the lives of the citizens of the State of Israel."

Fox News: Netanyahu Says PIJ Aiming at US, Not Israel, on Behalf of Iran

The PIJ terror group is a “wholly owned subsidiary of Tehran” and as such, is not really attacking Israel, but rather, the US on behalf of its benefactors, Netanyahu explained.

Lapid: Goals Achieved, No Point in Continuing Operation; Rocket Fire Continues Past Ceasefire Deadline

A ceasefire agreement was reportedly set to take place at 8 pm local time, but there was no PIJ confirmation and the terror group kept firing rockets at Israeli civilians.

Third Time’s a Charm? Palestinian Islamic Jihad Says Ceasefire to Start 11:30 PM

Israel has rejected PIJ's demands to release Bassam al-Saadi, the group's commander in Jenin, taken into custody last week.


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