Netanyahu: Operation Guardian of the Walls in Far From Over

The senior officials of Hamas "think that they can flee from our strikes -- they cannot flee. We will reach them everywhere, all of these people, and we will continue to do so."

160 Israeli Warplanes Attack 150 Gaza Strip Targets Simultaneously over 40 Minutes

This was the most extensive attack since the beginning of the operation.

IDF Picks Up Pace of Attacks, Eliminates 7 ATGM Cells, Banks & Terrorist Infrastructure

The IDF targeted major infrastructure, fired missiles to collapse strategic buildings, and carried out targeted surgical strikes to eliminate the Hamas leadership.

IDF Destroyed Most of Hamas’, Jihad’s Production Facilities, Mulling Ground Offensive

"Yesterday was the day when Hamas realized it was not succeeding, and the momentum began to change," Zilberman stated.

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu Composes Prayer for our War against the Arabs of Gaza and...

"Woe is me, that I live with Meshech, that I dwell among the clans of Kedar," these are the descendants of Ishmael.

IAF Continues Intensive Air Strikes in Gaza, Targets Symbols of Hamas Rule

“The full responsibility for those injured and killed in this operation is in the hands of Hamas."

Islamic Jihad: ‘Rockets We Use to Pound Tel Aviv Provided by Iran’

“I ask Allah to reward Iran . . . They are the ones who support us with weapons, money and food.”

One Dead, Multiple Wounded from Anti-Tank Fire from Gaza, Wounded Evacuated Under Fire

Sources in Gaza reported that four people were killed by IDF fire in a vehicle in Beit Lahiya, in the northern Gaza Strip.

IAF Wreaks Great Destruction on Gaza in Retaliation for 850 Rockets Shot at Israel

As of Wednesday morning, the IDF is continuing its attacks in the Gaza Strip on five types of targets.

Netanyahu: We Decided to Increase the Intensity and the Rate of our Attacks

There was a wild riot here yesterday that we cannot tolerate by brainwashed young people.

Head of Islamic Jihad’s Rocket Section in Gaza Eliminated

Hamas claimed that its recent rocket barrage was the largest in its history – 137 rockets in 5 minutes.

Gaza Rockets Hit 2 Buildings in Ashkelon, 6 Injured, IDF ‘Keeps Foot on the...

According to Haniyeh, the riots in Jerusalem have established a new balance of power in the political and public aspects, as well as on the ground.

Situation Heating Up in the South: Dozens of Arson Terror Balloons Launched into Israel

“The Hamas terrorist organization bears responsibility for everything that is done in the Gaza Strip and emanates from it toward Israel."

IDF Attacks Hamas Military Post in Retaliation for Rocket, Gazan Incendiary Balloons Start 10...

Saturday was the third day in a row of incendiary terror from Gaza, the locals' response to the tensions in Judea and Samaria, and the riots in eastern Jerusalem.

Gazans Hurl Explosives, Light Tires Along Israel’s Southern Border

“Protesters light rubber tires and throw explosives as they come to the aid of Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

Violent Clashes in Jerusalem Friday Night and Saturday, 205 Arabs, 17 Policemen Wounded

The defense establishment and the police considered whether to impose restrictions on the entry of worshipers to the Temple Mount and decided to allow the prayers.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad Terrorists Threaten to Bomb Israel as Arson Terror Resumes

"The fire of Ramadan Intifada will reach the settlements and beyond.”

36 Rockets Shot at Israel Friday Night, IDF Retaliates, Chief of Staff Cancels US...

The IDF intends to reinforce the police in Jerusalem and its environs under police command.

Dozens in Gaza Injured in Home-Based Terrorist Rocket Explosion

“The story of this house is the story of many other homes in the Gaza Strip that have become weapons and missiles warehouses."

Hamas, Islamic Jihad Kick Off Large-Scale Military Exercises with Other Terror Groups

Amphibious beach landings, drones, rockets... everything you need for a large-scale terror attack.

Explosive Balloon Lands Near Gaza Border in Southern Israel

Sappers from the Israel Police bomb squad were summoned to the site to defuse the IED attached to the balloon.

Attack in Ashdod: This Is How It Looks When a Rocket Hits

The injuries followed a rocket that landed in the city center while the peace signing ceremony was in progress in Washington, DC.

Once Again, Israel Orders Halt in Release of Terrorists’ Bodies

Hamas is currently holding captive the bodies of two IDF soldiers, and two (live) Israeli citizens.

4 Dead, More Injured in Gaza ‘Work Accident’

“Contrary to reports, the IDF did not attack anyone in Gaza.”

IDF Firing on Gaza Target Following Rocket Attack

At least one rocket was launched at Israel from Gaza.

Ramadan Shalah Who Turned Islamic Jihad into Iran’s Proxy Dies of Stroke

Under Shalah's leadership, Iran's influence over PIJ was maximized and it has in fact become a Tehran proxy in the Gaza Strip.

US Army Rejects Iron Dome: ‘Exceptionally Difficult to Integrate’

"Everyone also knew going in that it was tailor-made for Israel, and so it is not going to be optimized for the United States."

Tense Quiet on Gaza Border following Islamic Jihad Ceasefire Declaration

The Jihad told the mediators that they had no interest in a new war in Gaza, not before the elections in Israel and not after.

Gaza Shooting Resumed: Heavy Barrage on Gaza Border Communities

Six rockets were fired, five of which were intercepted.

6 Islamic Jihad, Pro-Iran Militias, Dead in Israeli Bombing South of Damascus

"The Israeli warplanes targeted, from outside Syrian airspace and from over the occupied Syrian Golan, the surrounding of Damascus with a number of batches of missiles."


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