Security Cabinet Minister: ‘We Are Preparing for a Widespread Operation in Gaza’

"These young people were eliminated even before they approached the fence."

Islamic Jihad Prevents Salafists from Firing Rockets at Israel

Islamic Jihad was not looking out for Israel’s interests, but was rather upset that Jaysh al-Islam has attempted to steal its assets.

Gaza Terrorists Improve Arson Balloon Technology

How much longer should Israel allow Hamas to determine the fate of her southern residents?

WATCH: IDF Strikes Hamas in Gaza for Rocket Attacks, 2.0

More strikes were expected as Israeli combat aircraft maintained an “intensive” presence in the skies over Gaza.

Gaza Terrorists Replenish Rocket Stock While Saudis Launch War on Hamas

The rearming is part of a Hamas pressure campaign to relax the tight Israeli blockade on the Gaza Strip.

Jihadi Forces in Gaza Threaten Participants of Bahrain Economic Summit

The summit is to serve as a major step towards the unveiling of President Donald Trump’s “Deal of the Century” peace plan.

IDF Foils Smuggling of Drones, Military Equipment through Gaza Crossing Using Mail Bags

172 suspicious packages were identified as dual-use items by a COGAT officer at the Erez Crossing, who confiscated the suspected equipment ordered online.

Islamic Jihad: The Big Attack on Israel Will be in the Summer

Islamic Jihad leader Ziad Nahle said in an interview last week that he foresees an all-encompassing war with Israel that would include rocket fire on all Israeli cities.

Hamas Aggression Rewarded As Border Crossings Reopen

Israel is complying and the situation in Gaza is returning this morning to the routine of the days before the sudden attack a week ago Saturday.

Iranian-Backed Islamic Jihad Renews Threat of Rocket Attacks

Abu Hamza said military production units began working following the cease-fire to replace their rocket arsenal.

Analysis: Latest Attack on Israel a Result of Internal Arab Strife

Qatar, Iran, Egypt, Hamas and Islamic Jihad are in a complex power play, as part of a war of prestige, allegiance and influence.

EXCLUSIVE: Islamic Jihad Admits Its Own Rocket Killed Mother and Baby

Islamic Jihad representatives met with the Abu ‘Arar family and offered them full compensation and a registry of the baby as a “Shahid” in exchange for their silence.

Netanyahu’s Nemesis in Likud Attacks His Decision on Gaza

"Since 2015, when he attacked the Likud and the prime minister ceaselessly, Gideon Sa'ar has had only one goal: to topple Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu."

Gantz, Lapid, Labor, Call Bibi’s Ceasefire Another Surrender to Hamas Extortion

Rubbing Netanyahu's face in it, Hamas chief Ismail Haniyeh warned: "Finally, if the Israeli occupation does not implement the ceasefire understandings, the battlefield will witness more escalation."

Video Threat: Islamic Jihad Aims at Dimona Reactor, BG Airport

the video is nearly impossible to watch because the “special effects” are enough to set off a seizure in almost anyone.

Report: In Preparation for Invasion, Hamas, Jihad, Deploying Portable Russian Kornet Anti-Tank Guided Missiles

The Kornet is capable of penetrating 1,000-1,200 mm thick steel armor – in other words, armor that's close to 4 feet thick. Its range is between 100 yards and 3.5 miles.

IDF Continues Attacks on Gaza, Moving 7th Armored Brigade to Border

According to the IDF Spokesperson, since the beginning of the fighting, eight people have been killed in the Gaza Strip.

Watch: Destruction of Islamic Jihad Terror Tunnel

"This is a fence-crossing tunnel in which a great deal of resources have been invested."

200+ Rockets Shot at Israel, Multiple Injured, IDF Attacks Gaza

The IDF announced that it had identified about 200 launchings, and that dozens of them had been intercepted by Iron Dome rockets.

IDF Scales Back Gaza Fishing Zone After Rocket Attack

"There’s one person inside Gaza, and one outside Gaza, who are trying to destroy" the process of improving the humanitarian situation in the enclave, says the IDF.

IDF States Islamic Jihad Rocket Was Deliberate, Curtails Gaza Fishing Zone

IDF Spokesperson said the Islamic Jihad intends to continue carrying out attacks against Israel without taking responsibility.

Think Tank: Hamas Knows Border Riots Have Failed

Over the year, those Friday return marches became routine and the media lost interest in them.

10,000 Hamas-led Rioters Continue Friday Violence at Gaza Border

IDF combat soldiers also arrested a suspect who crossed the perimeter fence in the southern Gaza Strip.

Despite Talks of an Agreement, Rockets Launched from Gaza

Multiple rockets were launched at Israel from Gaza after midnight.

IDF Praising Hamas’ Restraint on Land Day

The National Authority for Return and Breaking the Siege complained bitterly about the fact that no one in the Arab world gave a hoot about their struggle.

IDF Artillery Opens Fire at Hamas in Response to Bombing from Gaza

All weekend leave for combat units in Southern Command has been cancelled.

IDF Completes Preparations for Escalation, Warns Gazans Not to Approach Border Security Fence

IDF: “Our duty is to protect Israeli civilians. Our duty is to stop Hamas.”

Report: Israel Capitulates, Will Grant Concessions, Ease Restrictions, in Return for Quiet in Gaza

Hamas leader Yahya Sinwar said he would only stop firing rockets, and demanded in return that Israel stop attacking the Gaza Strip in response to the balloons carrying explosive charges.

Bennett: I’ll Burn the Chametz in Gaza

“With regard to Gaza, there is something that can be done. I don’t accept this lack of an answer. In Gaza, it is possible to uproot Hamas."


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