Hamas, Islamic Jihad Kick Off Large-Scale Military Exercises with Other Terror Groups

Amphibious beach landings, drones, rockets... everything you need for a large-scale terror attack.

Explosive Balloon Lands Near Gaza Border in Southern Israel

Sappers from the Israel Police bomb squad were summoned to the site to defuse the IED attached to the balloon.

Attack in Ashdod: This Is How It Looks When a Rocket Hits

The injuries followed a rocket that landed in the city center while the peace signing ceremony was in progress in Washington, DC.

Once Again, Israel Orders Halt in Release of Terrorists’ Bodies

Hamas is currently holding captive the bodies of two IDF soldiers, and two (live) Israeli citizens.

4 Dead, More Injured in Gaza ‘Work Accident’

“Contrary to reports, the IDF did not attack anyone in Gaza.”

IDF Firing on Gaza Target Following Rocket Attack

At least one rocket was launched at Israel from Gaza.

Ramadan Shalah Who Turned Islamic Jihad into Iran’s Proxy Dies of Stroke

Under Shalah's leadership, Iran's influence over PIJ was maximized and it has in fact become a Tehran proxy in the Gaza Strip.

US Army Rejects Iron Dome: ‘Exceptionally Difficult to Integrate’

"Everyone also knew going in that it was tailor-made for Israel, and so it is not going to be optimized for the United States."

Tense Quiet on Gaza Border following Islamic Jihad Ceasefire Declaration

The Jihad told the mediators that they had no interest in a new war in Gaza, not before the elections in Israel and not after.

Gaza Shooting Resumed: Heavy Barrage on Gaza Border Communities

Six rockets were fired, five of which were intercepted.

6 Islamic Jihad, Pro-Iran Militias, Dead in Israeli Bombing South of Damascus

"The Israeli warplanes targeted, from outside Syrian airspace and from over the occupied Syrian Golan, the surrounding of Damascus with a number of batches of missiles."

Israeli Warplanes Attack Islamic Jihad Targets in Syria, Gaza

The Israel Defense Forces confirmed late Sunday night that fighter pilots bombed Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) positions south of Damascus.

Israeli Air Force Attacks Hamas After Rocket Fire Again Sends Israelis to Bomb Shelters

“Hamas is responsible for everything that is happening in and out of Gaza. Unless the peace is maintained, the State of Israel will act accordingly."

Bennett: Don’t Stand Over Me with a Stopwatch on Ending Gaza Terrorism

"I don't want to be dragged into a round of violence. If and when we do it, it will be at our convenience, in a manner and location which suit us, and it will be very painful."

Yamina MK: Bennett and Kochavi Planning Significant Gaza Operation

Kahane's remarks come against the background of an escalation in terrorist activities in Gaza and Judea and Samaria.

Gaza Fishing Boundaries Reduced as Punishment for Rocket Fire, Explosive Balloons

"I saw in the sky a bunch of colorful and beautiful balloons and I told the aides to help get the children into the kindergarten."

Explosive Balloons from Gaza Reach Beit Shemesh

The balloon bomb landed in the town of Mesilat Zion. A sapper dismantled the explosives.

Gaza Sources: Uptick in Hamas Attacks on Israel are on the Way

Hamas is upset with Egypt, so naturally they plan to take it out on Israel.

Gaza Explosive Balloons Hit Ashdod Beach, Sderot

Hamas sources are claiming that the new balloon attacks are the work of Islamic Jihad terrorists who were loyal to Bahaa Abu el-Atta.

2,370 Arab Terror Attacks Against Jews You Never Heard About in 2019

Some of these were fatal. And mainstream media do not report them.

Hundreds in Gaza Protest Soleimani’s Killing as Thousands Attend Funeral Procession in Baghdad

On Friday, after news broke about Soleimani's killing, thousands in Iraq and other places went out to celebrate in the streets, and candy was given out.

Internal Hamas Document Implicates Group in Elimination of Senior Islamic Jihad Commander

An internal Hamas document reveals its alleged involvement in the IDF’s assassination of senior Islamic Jihad commander Baha Abu al-Atta in the Gaza Strip in November and exposes the ongoing power struggle between the various Gaza factions.

All Is Forgiven: Israel Letting Tires, Fiberglass, Barbwire into Gaza, Accepting 5,000 Day Workers

Fallen soldier Hadar Goldin's brother, Tzur, attacked the negotiations with Hamas which did not include the return of the bodies of the fallen soldiers and the captive Israeli civilians.

Netanyahu Threatens Islamic Jihad Terror Official to ‘Pack His Stuff’ After Rocket Attack

"The last one who ordered the rocket fire towards Ashdod when I was there is not with us anymore."

Netanyahu: I May Carry Out Major Operation to Defeat Gaza Strip Terrorism

Netanyahu spoke about his plan to annex the Jordan Valley, having neglected to do it over his 13 years as PM.

Arab Terror Groups Announce Day of Rage on Tuesday over US Jewish Settlements’ Recognition

Many Arab and other officials from around the world have condemned the Pompeo declaration, saying it was a “threat to international system,” WAFA said.

IDF Deterrence Revived: Hamas Nixes Fence Riots

A big yishar koa'ch to Defense Minister Naftali Bennett, who seems to have revived the deterrence everybody has been eulogizing.

Gantz Already Walks Like a Minority Govt PM and Quacks Like a Minority Govt...

Is Gantz the antidote to Bibi's clever arguments, acerbic humor, and almost visceral contempt for his enemies?

Danny Danon: Bernie Sanders Undermines Israeli, US Security

The Forward sent a reporter to hear about Sanders' stint in Sha'ar HaAmakim fifty years or so earlier. Not one kibbutz member remembered the guy.

Reports: Jihad in Crisis, Weighs Total Split with Hamas for Allowing IDF’s Devastating Blow

The Jihad military wing also wants out of the Friday "return marches" in protest of Hamas's inaction.


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