WATCH: Islamic Jihad Spokesperson Explains Intl Media Relations to IDF Interrogator

"The international media differs from the Arab ones . . . We don't speak to them in the language of violence, destruction and revenge.

Gallant: IDF Defense Prep Completed, Ready for ‘Any Scenario’

Gallant also toured the IDF Southern Command and a new Humanitarian Coordination and Deconfliction Cell with US Ambassador to Israel, Jack Lew.

Sad Anniversary: Six Months After Oct. 7 Israel Still Fights for Survival

Israelis are no longer willing to live with a constant existential threat on its borders.

Body of Hostage Elad Katzir Recovered by IDF Commandos in Gaza

Katzir was abducted by Gaza terrorists on October 7 from the family home in Nir Oz with his 77-year-old mother, Chana Katzir, who was freed on Nov. 24.

WATCH: Terrorist Explains Multiple Hamas Intelligence Units Were in Gaza City’s Shifa Hospital Because it was ‘Safe’

Many branches of Hamas operated out of the hospital, including Military Intelligence and the Interior, Security and Administration branches of the terrorist-run government.

WATCH: Hamas, Islamic Jihad Terrorists Reveal Activities in Shifa Hospital to IDF Intelligence

Israeli military intelligence found that approximately "600 to 1,000 Hamas operatives are hiding in the hospital."

Secrets of the Shifa Hospital: What Israel Found and Why the Raid Broke Hamas

Hamas was trying to reorganize, now they don't know even which of their leadership was captured or killed.

IDF, Shin Bet Eliminate Islamic Jihad Terrorist Killer of Meir Tamari

Tamari, age 32, was murdered on May 30, 2023, in a drive-by shooting attack perpetrated by Arab terrorists on the road near his home.

350 Terror Suspects Arrested at Gaza’s Shifa Hospital, in Addition to 250 Confirmed Terrorists

The IDF called on holed-up Hamas terrorists to surrender, but "they are still hiding in the Emergency Room, exploiting and using the patients and the medical teams. This is Hamas."

IDF Arrests 200 Terrorists, Eliminates 40 Terrorists, Confiscates Terror Funds at Gaza’s Shifa Hospital

Some of the generous terror funds were packed in envelopes that read (in Arabic): "A gift from Hamas and Islamic Jihad. Good work."

Iranian Proxy Leaders Gather in Beirut to Expand War Plans

It is interesting to note that Lebanon's Iranian proxy, Hezbollah, was apparently not represented at the meeting.

Hezbollah Rockets Land in Israel’s Hula Valley

The rockets landed in open areas and no property damage or injuries were reported.

IDF Captures Hundreds of Terrorists in Gaza’s ‘Hamad Town’

Some of the arrested terrorists participated in the October 7th massacre, and some are terrorists from the elite Hamas Nukhba commando force.

Jerusalem Arab Gets 10 Months for Posting Severed Head Video

80 indictments were selected from some 300 incitement complaints.

Israel Arrests Arab Terror Commander Planning ‘Imminent’ Attack

The arrest of Tanji comes as Ramadan, the Islamic month of terrorism approaches.

Report: Over 450 UNRWA Teachers Participated in Oct. 7 Massacre

The IDF has revealed two recordings incriminating two UNRWA teachers who took part in the October 7 massacre.

IDF Kills Islamic Jihad Commander in Judea and Samaria

Two other terrorists were killed in armed clashes that broke out in Tubas and al-Fari'ah camp early Tuesday, according to Arab media reports.

IDF Drone Eliminates Islamic Jihad Terrorist in Jenin

“One martyr and four injuries arrived at Jenin Governmental Hospital."

Gaza’s Arab Comedian ‘General Moshe’ is Laughing No More

Ala'a Qadouha, who performed as "General Moshe," is not even weeping. He is dead, courtesy of the Israel Defense Forces he so often mocked.

UNRWA Account Blocked by Bank Leumi

The bank noted numerous funds transfers that were carried out in such a manner that did not not allow the bank to trace their source and final destination.

Hamas Denies Hostage Deal, Says Qatari Statement ‘Not Correct’

"There is no agreement on the framework yet and Hamas has significant remarks. The Qatari statement has hastiness in it and is not correct."

IDF Soldiers Raid Islamic Jihad Weapons Factory in Khan Younis

Rockets, anti-tank missiles, land mines and explosive charges were found hidden in sacks belonging to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA).

WATCH: House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee Hears Testimony on UNRWA

More than a dozen nations as well as the European Union suspended funding to UNRWA following allegations that 13 employees participated in the Oct. 7 invasion of Israel.

Sweden Joins Growing List of Nations ‘Pausing’ UNRWA Funding

"Not only does the evidence show that UNWRA staff were involved in the massacre: they were also directly implicated in holding hostages once they were in Gaza."

Rocket Lands in Rishon Lezion in Coordinated Gaza-Lebanon Rocket Barrage

Miraculously, the Magen David Adom ambulance service reported no injuries.

US Sanctions Hamas Financial Networks, Iranian Proxies

"Hamas has sought to leverage a variety of financial transfer mechanisms, including the exploitation of cryptocurrency, to channel funds to support the group’s terrorist activities," an under secretary of the treasury said.

Islamic Jihad Psyops Commander Killed in Gaza Airstrike

Abu-Fanounah was responsible for the creation and distribution of documentation of the Israeli hostages as part of the terror group’s psychological warfare waged against the Israeli public.

Islamic Jihad Commander Describes Iranian Training to Israeli Interrogators

The course was 15 days at a military base in Iran whose name and location Mahdi did not know. He said the training was done by soldiers wearing Iranian uniforms.

IDF: Two ‘Journalists’ Killed in Gaza Combat Were Terror Operatives

Prior to the strike that killed them both, "the two operated drones, posing an imminent threat to IDF troops."

Massive Rocket Barrages Aimed at Northern, Southern Israel

There were no physical injuries reported although some damage was caused.


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