Photo Credit: IDF
Hamas-led Gaza terrorists-in-training aiming at Israeli soldiers

A member of the Popular Resistance Committees (PRC) terrorist organization was killed Monday after he was allegedly shot by IDF soldiers during violence by Gazans at Israel’s southern border.

The dead man, 21-year-old Muhammad Abu Sadek, was allegedly shot by IDF soldiers and killed during clashes along the northern Gaza border near Kibbutz Zikkim, the Bethlehem-based Ma’an news agency reported. Abu Sadek was identified by Gaza Health Ministry spokesperson Ashraf al-Qudra as a member of the PRC terrorist group, which is linked to Hamas. Abu Qudra claimed that IDF soldiers also shot and wounded 10 other Gaza rioters as well.


Thousands of Hamas-led Gaza residents stormed the security fence in another attempt to breach the border. They threw burning tires, rocks and explosives, attempting to attack IDF soldiers who were stationed on the opposite side of the fence.

Using Monday’s violence as a diversion, at least 10 Palestinian Authority boats sailed from the Gaza shoreline in an attempt to breach Israel’s maritime blockade of the enclave. The Israeli Navy opened fire to warn the vessels away from the no-go zone.

The below footage shows a similar scene filmed on Friday, September 21. As with Monday’s violence, on Friday more than 10,000 rioters were involved in violence, hurling grenades and explosives, attempting to attack IDF soldiers and infiltrate Israel. An IDF combat soldier was hit and wounded by shrapnel from a grenade.

The IDF also carried out a number of strikes in Gaza over the weekend, aiming at arson terror cells as they were in the process of launching incendiary balloons towards Israel.