Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit
IDF special forces operating in Khan Younis

IDF soldiers from the Egoz Unit of the Commando Brigade are continuing operations in the Hamad area of Khan Younis.

The fighters are conducting targeted raids on terrorist infrastructure, locating weapons, eliminating dozens of terrorists and apprehending those who surrender to the forces.


During scans of one building, terrorists opened fire on the soldiers. Using a drone, the soldiers identified the terrorists and returned fire.

Targeting a Terrorist, Avoiding Harm to Family Nearby
During the encounter, the soldiers precisely launched a ‘Matador’ missile at the room from which one terrorist was firing. Nevertheless, they were able to avoid harming a woman and two children who were in the adjacent room.

This is another example of Hamas terrorists carrying out military combat from within their civilian population; even in a room next to one in which a woman and children are forced to remain as human shields.

The Israeli forces evacuated the woman and two children from the building and transferred them for medical treatment.

In total, the IDF soldiers eliminated three armed terrorists, and another terrorist surrendered and was transferred for further interrogation by the security forces.

IDF Special Forces Continue to Root Out Terrorists in Hamad Town
Over the past day, IDF troops killed at least 15 terrorists in central Gaza in close-quarters encounters, with sniper fire and in aerial strikes.

In one instance, IDF troops identified a terrorist cell carrying suspected weapons out of a Hamas military compound in the area. After the terrorists were identified continuing to operate in the area, an IDF aircraft targeted them in a responsive strike. Another terrorist cell observing IDF troops in the area was eliminated.

In the area of Hamad (“Hamad Town” in the southern Gaza city of Khan Younis, IDF special forces conducted targeted raids on a number of residences used for terrorist activities, apprehended Hamas operatives, and located weapons, ammunition, and additional military equipment.

During one of the operations, an anti-tank missile was launched at the troops. No injuries were reported. A short while after, IDF troops identified a terrorist moving in the area from which the launch was carried out. After precisely monitoring the terrorist, he was killed in an encounter at close quarters.

In Al-Qarara in the city of Khan Younis, IDF ground and aerial forces used sniper fire and tanks to strike terrorists in the area.

Israeli Naval troops operating in the northern Gaza Strip directed a helicopter that struck a vessel used by terror organizations in the area.

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