Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit
This explosive pack of TNT is labeled in English, produced in 2007. It's not clear how it reached the hands of Hamas in Gaza, but it was among the myriad weapons and ammunition found by the Rotem Battalion Combat Team in Jabalya.

The IDF has destroyed another Hamas terror compound located in an UNRWA school run by the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Authority children, in Nuseirat, in central Gaza.

Israel’s Air Force carried out a surgical air strike this week on the compound in which an anti-tank missile operative and a Hamas Nukhba terrorist were operating. The strike was carried out using precise munitions to mitigate any harm to civilians in the area.


The destroyed compound contained weapons, including mortars and explosives, as evidenced by the numerous secondary explosions after the strike.

Also this week, the IAF struck and eliminated Hamas terrorist Ahmed Yasser Alkara in Khan Younis.

Alkara was among the Hamas terrorists who carried out the October 7th massacre in southern Israel, and was a significant anti-tank missile operative who attacked IDF troops during the war.

Video footage (see above) shows the IDF initially aborted the strike after a child was identified near Alkara. Israeli forces waited until the child was no longer in the vicinity of the terrorist before proceeding with his elimination in addition to two others: Saib Raed Abu Riba, a Hamas Nukhba commando terrorist, and Ans Muhammad Abu Ragila, a Palestinian Islamic Jihad terrorist.

In another operation, IAF fighter jets directed by intelligence eliminated five Hamas terrorists operating from inside the Faami Aljerjawi School in Daraj Tuffah in northern Gaza.

Among the terrorists that were eliminated were Fadi Salim, the head of propaganda in the Hamas Gaza Brigade, three Hamas intelligence operatives, and an additional Nukhba terrorist.

“This is further evidence of Hamas’ systematic exploitation of civilian infrastructure, including schools, hospitals, and residential buildings, for its terrorist activity in the Gaza Strip,” the IDF pointed out.

Israeli forces are also continuing to operate in the area of Rafah, where they located and destroyed a number of destroyed multi-barrel rocket launchers on Wednesday, all of which were ready to fire toward Israeli territory.

The launch sites were located in eastern Rafah along the Philadelphi Corridor between Gaza and Egypt.

At least 50 cross-border tunnels running from Gaza into Egypt were recently found intact in the same area, along with some 700 tunnel shafts.

Soldiers in the IDF’s 7th Brigade Combat Team meanwhile have dismantled a multitude of terrorist infrastructure and conducted aerial and artillery strikes on terror targets in and around the northern Gaza town of Jabalya.

The soldiers carried out targeted raids on dozens of Hamas military compounds.

As part of the effort to destroy Hamas’ rocket and mortar capabilities, the soldiers located and destroyed a number of ready-to-use launchers and dozens of rockets. In addition, during scans in the area, the soldiers located weapons, including explosive belts, ready-to-use explosives, grenades and ammunition, all of which were seized and/or destroyed.

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