Photo Credit: IDF

The IDF Spokesperson announced on Saturday that the IDF eliminated a number of high-level terrorists at Shifa Hospital in Gaza. Some of those terrorists had been freed from jail in the Shalit deal (which traded hostage Gilad Shalit for 1000 terrorists) who had returned to terrorism.


— Israel Defense Forces (@IDF) March 30, 2024

IDF forces operating in Shifa encountered and eliminated a number of armed terrorists exiting the ER compound, including senior Hamas leader Ra’ad Thabat and Mahmoud Khalil Ziqzouq. Terrorists Fadi Dewik and Zakariya Najeeb were also eliminated in an encounter in the maternity ward. During their activity, the forces located sniper rifles, AK-47s, magazines and grenades.

Abu Ali Express noted:

Fadi Dewik, freed in the Shalit deal with the blood of 4 Israelis on his hands, who continued to direct terrorist attacks in Israel from his seat in Gaza.

Zakariya Najeeb, released in the Shalit deal, a senior officer in the West Bank terrorist attack headquarters from his seat in Gaza.

Mahmoud Ziqzouq, deputy head of the police department in Gaza City.

Those released in the Shalit deal are at the heart of the terrorist activity against Israel. Much blood of Israelis on their hands.


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