Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson's Unit
Muhammed Sinwar being driven through one of the largest tunnels in the Gaza Metro beneath the surface of the encave.

Israeli intelligence has released a video of Hamas senior commander Muhammed Sinwar being driven in a cushy car on a tour of one of the largest terror tunnels built in Gaza. The footage was obtained by IDF troops in the Gaza Strip and was checked by the IDF Intelligence Directorate.


The discovery of the tunnel by Israeli military forces also led to the exposure of the factory and industrial area used to build the subterranean tunnel network known as the “Gaza Metro.”

WATCH: How Hamas Built its ‘Gaza Metro’ Terror Tunnels

The huge miles-long tunnel, with multiple branch-offs, was the flagship project of Muhammed Sinwar, the brother of Gaza’s Hamas leader, Yahya Sinwar and commander of the Hamas Southern Brigade. Construction of the tunnel was documented in a Hamas video seized during Israeli military operations.

Last week, Israel began dropping leaflets on the Gaza Strip offering a bounty for information leading to the capture of Yahya Sinwar, mastermind of the October 7 massacre in Israel, as well as for three top other Hamas leaders on Thursday.

Information leading to Yahya’s capture is worth $400,000; information leading to the capture of Brother Muhammed is work $300,000.


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