Photo Credit: Nasser Ishtayeh / Flash 90
IDF soldier in Shechem, January 28, 2023.

Israeli security forces on Wednesday morning surrounded a house in the Shechem Kasbah that served as a shelter for the Islamic Jihad and the Lion’s Den terror group, whose members killed Staff Sergeant Ido Baruch last October. The Israeli force ordered the terrorists inside the house to come out.


The PA Health Ministry said ten terrorists who had been critically wounded by IDF gunfire have died in a hospital in Shechem, while 97 others are being treated for bullet wounds. Of those, five are said to be in critical condition with bullet wounds to the back and belly. The Palestinian Authority has so far confirmed that at least 6 of those killed were known terrorists.

WAFA reported that a large army force raided the old city of Shechem at a peak business hour, and surrounded a house in the Kasbah while shooting heavily. Local terrorists confronted the soldiers, who fired tear gas and shock grenades at the attackers. Arab sources also claimed the soldiers fired two rockets at the house.

Fatah in Shechem announced that its men were conducting “fierce exchanges of fire” with the Israeli forces. The besieged terrorists shouted from the house that they are “not afraid to become martyrs,” and the Israeli forces entered the building where they were barricading themselves.

The list of terrorists killed, supplied by Abu Ali Express:

1. Adnan Ba’ara
2. Muhammad Enbusi (known militant)
3. Tamer Minawi (known militant)
4. Masab Ewis (known AMB commander)
5. Husam Isleem (known militant)
6. Muhammad Abu Baker (known PIJ commander)
7. Walid Dakhil (known militant)
8. Abd al-Hadi Ashkar
9. Muhammad Sha’aban
10. Jaser Qaneer

150 IDF soldiers took part in today’s action. Two IDF soldiers were lightly wounded.

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