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Israeli security forces in Jenin, January 18, 2018 (archive).

Arab gunmen opened fire from a vehicle at Golani Reconnaissance fighters who were on a mission to locate illegal weapons in Jenin overnight Friday, Kan 11 News reported. The fighters responded with fire and killed three of the terrorists. A search of the vehicle after the gun exchange revealed two M-16 rifles, a Carlo submachine gun, cartridges, and a bulletproof vest. Earlier, the same IDF force encountered heavy fire from gunmen, and explosive devices were thrown at the soldiers.

The IDF Spokesman has yet to comment on the event.


According to, “3 young men were martyred at dawn today, Friday, and 10 were wounded by the occupation forces’ bullets during a military operation in the city of Jenin, which included violent armed clashes and direct execution of the martyrs.”

The three terrorists who were killed in a clash with Golani soldiers in Jenin, June 17. / Arab social networks

“An correspondent reported that more than 30 patrols and special units stormed the city from the openings of the wall near Faqqu’a, east of Jenin, and the Muqabila opening from the Jalameh checkpoint in the north, and spread rapidly in the Basateen neighborhood and schools on the outskirts of the eastern neighborhood, the location of the house of the martyr Raad Khazem, whom the occupation decided to demolish.”

Raad Khazem, 29, was the terrorist who murdered three Israeli men in a pub on Dizengoff Street in early April. He was killed near a mosque in Jaffa the morning after his cowardly attack on unsuspecting civilians.

As described Friday morning’s operation, “the occupation practiced a process of misleading the people and the resistance through the movements of its soldiers in the vicinity of the site of the house of the martyr Raad Khazem, and everyone believed that the goal was to demolish the house, but at the same time, the occupation forces were spreading sniper teams in the buildings to set ambushes and lure the resistance.

“Violent clashes erupted in Jenin, and stones and explosive devices were thrown at army patrols, whose soldiers came under heavy fire throughout the site.

“Witnesses stated that the occupation forces intercepted a Mazda vehicle in which the three young men were traveling and opened fire directly at it as they withdrew from the place after clashes with these forces, pointing out that the occupation soldiers got out of their military jeeps and fired inside the vehicle to ensure that the young men were executed.”

The three Arabs who were killed in the clash were Bara’ Kamal Muhammad Lahlouh, 22, from the Jenin refugee camp; Laith Salah Abu Srour, 23, from Medina––brother of Ala Abu Srour who put a bomb inside a Jerusalem bus in April 2016; and Youssef Nasser Abu Salah, 20, a wanted freed prisoner.


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