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A humiliated Palestinian Authority policeman in Shechem. Sept. 20, 2022

Following a day-and-a-half of shooting, rioting and violence in Shechem (Nablus) between the Palestinian Authority (PA) and various indendent armed factions in Shechem, a truce has been reached.


The fighting began when PA security forces entered Shechem and arrested a Hamas terrorist and two more individuals. During the fighting between the factions, a 53-year-old bystander was shot and killed. Other people have been wounded. This was not a focus of international media as no Jews were involved.

Independent terrorist factions have been building up control of the various PA-occupied cities in Area A of Judea and Samaria. Hebron, for instance, has become a Hamas stronghold, while Islamic Jihad has been growing stronger in other cities.

According to blogger Abu Ali Express the following are the terms of the Sulha:

1. Wanted militants will be considered “national assets” and will not be arrested for “security reasons” unless they have broken the law.
2. The different factions will work for the release of Masab Eshtieh and Amid Tabileh.
3. Everyone arrested in the recent riots in Nablus will be released except those who caused damage to private property.
4. Palestinian Authority security personnel will not pursue those accused of rioting in recent days.

Following the announcement, the Shechem municipality began cleaning up the streets.


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