by Nan Jacques Zilberdik and Itamar Marcus

Palestinian kids’ destiny is to die for Palestine: They should “sacrifice” themselves for Jerusalem and its holy sites. That is the official message from Mahmoud Abbas’ Presidential Office.


In an interview on official PA TV, the Director of the PA Presidential Office’s Jerusalem Unit bragged that “the boys and girls of Jerusalem are teaching the entire world what sacrifice and self-sacrifice are.”

“As long as Jerusalem is occupied, there will be an escalation in the Palestinian struggle. As long as Jerusalem is occupied, our souls and blood are for Jerusalem, for its holy sites. We won’t hesitate to protect and defend Jerusalem… and everything that is Arab-Palestinian-Islamic-Christian in Jerusalem… The boys and girls of Jerusalem are teaching the entire world what sacrifice and self-sacrifice are.” Palestinian Authority Presidential Office Jerusalem Unit Director Mu’tasim Tayyim made this statement on official PA TV on the “Good Morning Jerusalem” program July 24, 2020, in context of Israel’s 17th arrest of Jerusalem Governor Adnan Gheith for carrying out illegal political activities in Jerusalem.

Palestinian Media Watch has exposed numerous similar statements by PA and Fatah officials, songs, and children’s poems that encourage Palestinian youth to “become Martyrs” for “Palestine.” Recently, in the context of Israel’s presumed application of Israeli law to the Jordan Valley and the Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria, the PA broadcast several music videos urging Palestinians to seek death as Martyrs, tempting them with the promise of marrying the 72 Virgins of Paradise in a “wedding procession on the day that Martyrdom-death is granted” as is Islamic belief.

“Days that pass
and tell the stories of my land…
Welcome! Welcome!
Above the hill, under the hill
Between valley and valley
Woe to the occupier before us
The revolution paved [the way of] the trigger for me
Welcome! Welcome! …
A revolution of glory that won’t be humiliated by the passersby
If you ask about us –
you will be convinced
You will find me and my children!
Welcome! Welcome! …
The Martyr of the revolution will be led
in a wedding procession
on the day that Martyrdom-death
is granted to him”

According to Islamic belief as taught by the Palestinian Authority government and Hamas, a Martyr marries 72 ‘Dark-Eyed Virgins’ in Paradise: Therefore a Martyr’s funeral is considered a “wedding.” Becoming a Martyr represents the highest religious achievement that can be attained by a Muslim.


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