Photo Credit: Police Spokesperson
Israel Police Car

The Israeli Police recorded four robberies of Israelis who entered Palestinian Authority controlled areas for business over the weekend.

The four different reports were received at the police headquarters about Israelis who entered the villages of Qalqiliya and Nabi Elias both in Samaria, and Ni’lin near Ramallah. All had entered those areas for shopping.


According to the police, none of the Israelis were hurt and all were evacuated from the PA occupied areas by the Israeli Defense Forces.

A preliminary investigation showed that in one of the cases, in Nabi Elias, a car was stolen when the Israeli driver left his car engine idling while going into one of the local businesses.

All of the thefts took place in areas of Judea and Samaria designated as Area A or B.

Area A is under the full administrative and security control of the Palestinian Authority. In Area B, the Palestinian Authority has administrative jurisdiction, but Israel is responsible for security.

Searching for a bargain, many Israelis enter Areas A and B to shop, trade, repair their cars and dine in restaurants. However, many are victims of assault, robbery, and other threatening situations. The police advise Israelis not to enter Areas A and B.

PA Arabs also use stolen cars for terror attacks. During one counterterror raid on Dec. 29, 2022, Israeli soldiers seized 21 stolen cars from the village of Ramadin, near Hebron.


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