Photo Credit: Yishai Fleisher
Hebron Junction 160

Border Guard soldiers shot and neutralized a female terrorist who attempted a stabbing at the check point on Junction 160 near the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron Sunday afternoon. There were no Israeli casualties.

The terrorist, Jasmine Tamimi, 21, is in critical condition. The Border Guard released a statement saying the female terrorist had pulled out a knife and threatened the soldiers who shot her accurately. She was evacuated in a military ambulance to Shaare Zedek Medical Center.


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  1. If the nations of the world expect the Isralies to medically treat the wounded terrorists; they should pay the medical expences. The Palastinian Authority should have a prepaid account that the Isralie Hospitaa;ls can bill when providing services. No more money in the accountthe ambalance technicians stop treatment.
    Countries and celebraties that are so quick to criticise Israel should be willing to place a few hundred million Euros in a special account in Israel for this.

  2. It is not unreasonable for the children going off to become maters to ask the Molas at there mosk to provide them with a pre-paid (debit card) medical card to cover them for any medical expences they may incur durring their mission to become marters.
    A two-hundred thousand Euro card should be enough to cover almost all medical expences. No fund no pre paid medical card no treatment.

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