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Synagogue Montmartre at 13 Rue Sainte-Isaure, Paris, France

Sacha Ghozlan, president of the Union of French Jewish Students (UEJF) tweeted Wednesday night: “A 79-year-old Jewish woman was hit by an iron ball in her skull while leaving a community center in Paris’ 11th district yesterday. We request that an investigation determine the circumstances in which this act took place and whether it was an anti-Semitic act.”


UEJF issued a statement saying: “The woman was taken to hospital following a serious injury to the skull. As of today, she is not in danger.

“The day before, a torrent of water had been poured on the heads of the worshipers of the synagogue in the same building.

“UEJF expects the ongoing investigation to determine the conditions under which a 79-year-old Jewish woman was hit with a steel projectile.

“UEJF expresses its warm support to the Jewish community of the 11th district of Paris and wishes a speedy recovery to the victim of this aggression.”

Sacha Ghozlan added a statement, saying: “Even if for now there is no confirmation of an anti-Semitic motive, the attacks on Jews, and especially elderly women of Jewish faith, in this popular district of Paris revive painful memories. This is why we ask the investigators to quickly shed light on this aggression and to determine the causes and act accordingly.”


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