Photo Credit: Graeme Main/MOD via Wikimedia
Britain's Challenger II battle tank.

At least 25 Ukrainians were killed – including at least one child – in Russian missile strikes that targeted a civilian apartment building on Saturday in the city of Dnipro.

The attack also targeted – and struck – the city’s energy infrastructure, leaving many regions in the dark, without heat in the freezing cold.


Also this weekend, three people were killed and 13 others were wounded after a fire broke out early Sunday in the Russian border town of Belgorod, igniting ammunition stored there, according to TASS. At least 10 of the injured were Russian soldiers, state media reported.

Russia claimed to have seized control of the salt-mining town of Soledar on Friday, but Ukraine disputed the claim, saying “heavy battles” continue for the town.

Meanwhile, Kyiv’s European allies are increasing their support for the besieged nation.

Britain has pledged to send a dozen Challenger II battle tanks to Ukraine, and Poland has said it will send 14 German-made Leopard II tanks.

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