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Miller speaking to the pilot about the incident.

Mid-air Medical Drama: Heroic Intervention Prevents Tragedy on Tel Aviv to Budapest Flight

In a remarkable turn of events, an El-Al flight bound for Budapest became the scene of a mid-air medical emergency on Wednesday morning. As the aircraft prepared for takeoff, a passenger suddenly lost consciousness and collapsed from his seat, triggering a swift response from onboard personnel.


Yakov Miller, a United Hatzalah volunteer EMT on his way to Hungary for a religious pilgrimage, found himself thrust into action mere moments after boarding. His offer of assistance to the flight crew proved crucial as he was promptly called upon to aid the ailing passenger.

Upon reaching the stricken individual, Miller discovered that the passenger was experiencing a severe seizure. With remarkable composure, he directed the flight attendant to halt takeoff procedures and swiftly accessed the onboard medical kit. Employing his expertise, Miller stabilized the situation, ensuring the safety of both the passenger and fellow travelers.

Despite the patient’s unexpected medical condition – with no prior history of epilepsy – Miller remained vigilant, recommending further medical evaluation before the flight proceeded. His prudent advice led to the arrival of additional medical personnel, resulting in the decision to disembark the passenger for urgent medical attention.

Reflecting on the harrowing ordeal, Miller expressed gratitude for the opportunity to assist in a time of crisis. “It’s an extremely rewarding feeling to be able to help a man in such a difficult time for them,” he remarked, underscoring the potential dangers averted by his timely intervention.

With the situation resolved and the passenger safely in the hands of medical professionals, the El-Al flight resumed its journey to Hungary, highlighting the importance of swift and decisive action in moments of crisis.

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