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Lebanon-based Hezbollah terrorist leader Hassan Nasrallah. (archive)

Well, there’s always the Caliphate…

Next, Nasrallah went directly after Saudi Arabia and Turkey, who have been preparing for a partial invasion of northern Syria. “What is happening in Syria has opened the doors to developments that might have repercussions on the region and even the entire world,” he said. “The [anti-Assad rebels’] successive defeats have pushed Saudi Arabia and Turkey to consider sending ground troops under the guise of fighting ISIS under the banner of the international coalition — and this is a very important development. Saudi Arabia and Turkey have now awoken to ISIS’ threat. They have woken up because the groups they are backing are suffering defeats. Saudi Arabia and Turkey want to send ground troops in order to be present at the negotiations table or to continue the war. Saudi Arabia and Turkey are willing to spark a world war rather than accept any national settlement in Syria.”


Nasrallah concluded with a reassuring promise to the Lebanese people: “Israel’s psychological warfare is of no use against us. There is no need to fear an Israeli war because after the first and second Lebanon wars, Israeli decided that it would only wage war if a quick victory is guaranteed. When Israel knows that there is a force in Lebanon that can prevent it from achieving a quick victory, it will not engage in such a war.”

Maybe. But if a Hezbollah operator of one of those ant-aircraft missile systems decides to squeeze the trigger and shoot at an incoming IAF warplane — Israel might abandon its reservations and go at Hezbollah with all guns blazing.

Which is why the honorable sheikh remains in his bunker…


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