Photo Credit: Muammar Awad / Flash 90
An Arab child and his father on the Temple Mount playing with a toy gun.

A group of Christian tourists were kicked off the Temple Mount on Thursday morning, according to TPS.

The group of Christian tourists were wearing skullcaps, which according to the Islamic Waqf, made them look like religious Jews.


Apparently to Muslims, all us infidels look alike.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has given the Islamic Waqf a free hand in deciding who can be kicked off the Temple Mount. While the Waqf’s list doesn’t include Arab children playing soccer, Arabs playing with toy guns, or Arabs waving Hamas and ISIS flags on the Temple Mount, it does include nursing Jewish mothers and religious looking Jews drinking water.


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  1. Xians should be kicked off. They are idolaters and it is forbidden for this tumah to enter such a holy place. Hashem is blocking the free access of the Jews because they are not treating this holiest of places with the proper respect and fear. It is no place for a nursing mother! I've seen videos of a couple dressed like religious Jews holding hands as they stroll there. This conduct is unbecoming of the holiness and sanctitiy of this holiest place on earth. On the other hand, He lets Yishmael run wild and do whatever he wants so he can more quickly fill his cup of sin and be removed from the earth forever. Hakol min Shamayim and gam zu l'tov.

  2. Wow, where have you been? This kind of racism has been going on the The Temple Mount mount since it was illegally given over [primarily because it was not the property of the IDF, nor the Prime Minister, but the Davidic house of Peretz] to the Muslims. I ask you, if your friend were to give to your enemy that which was yours without your consent, would you not also be upset? Not only would I be upset, but that friend would no longer be a friend.

  3. Likewise, the house of Peretz has every reason to be upset about this, because land that is theirs by right of inheritance has been stolen from them and given, without their consent, to an organization that wants them dead. They should be outraged over this.

  4. דבורה חיה a gentile can walk everywhere on the har ha bayit a jew can walk.. jews can only walk in the gentile court yard because we are all tamei. if they could no go up there there wouldnt have been signs telling them where they could walk and couldn;t…..

  5. the temple mount is originally the location of a Jewish Temple. the current mosque stand on top of what was the temple. there are still some remains of it. Its the holiest Jewish site. unlike muslims for whom the holiest site is Mecca. this is not even 2nd on their list. they just want it because its Jewish

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