Photo Credit: David Weingarten

A lost wallet of money containing $10,000 was returned to its grateful owner after being found in an Israeli train station on Monday.

“More than I was excited to hear that the money was found, I was excited to see the commitment and mobilization of the railway employees to recover the loss,” said the passenger as Itzik Shitrit, director of Israel Railway’s lost and found department returned the wallet.


The wallet, containing US dollars and European currency worth around NIS 40,000 ($10,000) was lost when the passenger flew into Ben-Gurion International Airport on early Monday morning, then took a train to Tel Aviv.

Upon arriving at Tel Aviv’s Savidor Central Station, he realized his wallet was missing and reported loss to the station’s shift manager, Manny Netani.

Netani notified staff at the Ben-Gurion Airport station, and the search was on. A number of airport workers also lent a hand.

Twelve hours later, Alina Miniev, an Israel Railways service attendant spotted the wallet while assisting a traveler with a disability and promptly brought the wallet to Shitrit.

The wallet was back in the hands of its gratified owner on Monday night.


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