Photo Credit: Courtesy Poalim-Atarim
The Bible Lands Museum

The “Poalim for Culture, Nature and Beauty” project, which is being held for the 14th year by Bank Hapoalim (the project’s name is a Hebrew play on the word poalim–workers, which is also the bank’s name) has become a tradition for hundreds of thousands of families in Israel who enjoy free visits to museums and entertainment sites throughout Israel.

The sites and the museums included in the project combine contemporary Israeli culture with the history of the people and the land, and enable the entire Israeli public to enjoy the holiday, while enriching the knowledge of children and parents about the beauty and culture of Israel, with a significant financial savings of hundreds of shekels per family.


Sunday to Wednesday, April 1 to 4, are full days at these attractions, Thursday, April 5 is a half day.


The Bible Lands Museum

The Armored Corps of Latrun

The Jerusalem Botanical Garden

The Aqueduct at Armon Hanatziv – City of David

Tel Aviv Museum of Art / Photo credit: Courtesy Poalim-Atarim


Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The Nahum Gutman Museum

The Israeli Museum at the Yitzhak Rabin Center

The Herzliya Museum

The Israeli Caricature and Comics Museum

Design Museum Holon

Museum of Babylonian Jewry

Design Museum Holon / Photo credit: Courtesy Poalim-Atarim


The Umm al-Fahem Museum

Janco Dada Museum Ein Hod


Haifa National Maritime Museum

The reindeer forest

The Haifa Museum of Art

The Ghetto Fighters’ Museum

The Golan Antiquities Museum

The Katzrin Park

Museum of Treasures in the Wall

Haifa City Museum

The Mane Katz Museum Haifa

The Tikotin Museum of Japanese Art Haifa


Ashdod Museum of Art

The Joe Alon Museum in the Negev

The water museum at Kibbutz Nir Am

The Philistine Culture Museum in Ashdod

The Glass Museum in Arad