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Jewish youth from all over the world at an event in Jerusalem organized by Taglit-Birthright, January 4, 2012.

In a strategic decision following thorough deliberation and consultations with its partners, Birthright Israel, globally renowned as the premier educational tourism organization, is poised to recommence its complimentary 10-day expeditions to Israel during the week commencing January 5, 2024. Anticipating the participation of 350 individuals, with approximately 80 percent hailing from the United States, the organization envisions hosting these journeys from January through March 2024.

Come mid-January, prospective participants can initiate their registration for the summer excursions via Birthright Israel’s official website.


In adherence to stringent safety and security protocols established by the Israel Defense Forces’ Homefront Command, Birthright Israel’s upcoming ventures will prioritize the well-being of its participants. As an added precaution, all Birthright groups will undergo comprehensive pre-trip orientations. Building upon topics covered in previous seasons, these orientations will address modifications to the itinerary and updates to safety and security parameters.

Demonstrating an unwavering commitment to furnishing participants with a secure and meaningful experience, Birthright Israel recognizes the heightened importance of such an endeavor in current times.

Gidi Mark, CEO of Birthright Israel, emphasized the organization’s dedication to ensuring that, within the bounds of safety, iconic sites and profound insights remain integral to the program. He underscored the organization’s broader objectives of fostering a positive Jewish identity and forging connections between participants and the multifaceted tapestry of Israel. Mark stated, “Alongside a gratifying and meaningful experience, we aim to provide our participants with an understanding of the events of October 7th and offer profound insights into their impact on Israeli society and Jewish communities worldwide. Our Jewish lives, values, and communal bonds serve as beacons of hope during these challenging times.”

Birthright Israel stands as the world’s preeminent educational tourism organization, having transformed the lives of 850,000 young Jewish adults aged 18–26 through the gift of a 10-day educational sojourn in Israel. Its overarching mission is to fortify the future of the Jewish people by bolstering Jewish identity, communities, and connections with Israel. In addition to its signature trips, the organization extends its impact through programs such as Birthright Israel Onward and Birthright Israel Excel Fellowship and Internship Programs.

The gift of a Birthright Israel trip is made possible thanks to the support of tens of thousands of donors to the Birthright Israel Foundation and Birthright Israel Foundation of Canada as well as an innovative partnership between Jewish communities around the world and the Government of Israel.

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