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It appears that Amnesty International is launching a full-scale Apartheid campaign against Israel.

The Amnesty International (AI) organization is joining in the international NGO apartheid attack against Israel in a report resembling that of the anti-Israel Human Rights Watch (HRW) organization, set for release this week, the NGO Monitor reported Sunday in a tweet.


The fact that people actually believe such a ridiculous accusation is stark evidence of the ignorance about Israeli society — where Arabs are found integrated into every area of life at all levels, including management — and Israeli civil rights, to which every citizen is entitled regardless of ethnicity, nation of origin, gender, race, religion, etc.

A leaked copy of the 211-page report to be released Tuesday was obtained by the watchdog organization NGO Monitor, which noted in a series of tweeted statements that dozens of NGOs and their United Nations allies have campaigned for more than two years against Israel, using pseud-reports to accuse the Jewish State of apartheid.

“Amnesty has a rich history of antagonism toward Israel & Jews, with antisemitic incidents, #BDS campaigns, #lawfare, and other forms of demonization,” NGO Monitor commented.
‘apartheid state’ Amnesty International accuses the Jewish State of “institutionalized and systematic discrimination against Palestinians within the framework of the definition of apartheid under international law,” claiming “discriminatory and exclusionary Israeli laws, policies and practices against Palestinians.”

“Unsurprisingly, the report consists of a warmed-over mixture of false/distorted factual and legal claims from previous NGO and UN publications. A year after the @HRW version, which is virtually identical, Amnesty jumps on the bandwagon to boost the apartheid hate campaign,” the NGO Monitor commented.

“Amnesty constructs an imaginary narrative of the conflict: no terror infrastructure in Gaza (just Israel being “ruthless”); “peaceful protesters,” not rioters in “mixed cities” in May 2021; terror links of Palestinian NGOs are erased.

“The “legal” analysis looks like a repeat of invented and confused definitions, created for Israel alone, offered by @HRW. Both NGOs mix up concepts like state vs. individual responsibility and the status/relevance of various int’l treaties,” NGO Monitor wrote.

“Make no mistake. Amnesty wants to use sanctions, boycotts, arrests of Israeli officials to attack Israel’s existence as a Jewish state. Much of the Arab world moves to peace with Israel; Amnesty wants a return to the Cold War, state boycotts, and Soviet propaganda.

“The purpose is to characterize the right of Jews to sovereign equality in their historic homeland as a violation of the intl’ legal order. The overarching political objective is to erase and subsume the nation-state of the Jewish people into a single state of Palestine.

“By attaching its brandname to dressed-up nonsense, @amnesty counts on the echo chamber of journalists, UN officials, diplomats & NGO partners to repeat the slogans and lies automatically. But there is nothing new here and it shouldn’t be treated as such,” the organization added.

Blogger Elder of Ziyon, who also managed to get a copy of the report, observed that “every nation on Earth gives fewer rights to non-citizens.”

Pointing out that the 1971 advisory opinion by the International Court of Justice quoted by Amnesty said nothing about apartheid, Elder of Ziyon quoted directly from the document:

130. It is undisputed, and is amply supported by documents annexed to South Africa’s written statement in these proceedings, that the official governmental policy pursued by South Africa in Namibia is to achieve a complete physical separation of races and ethnic groups in separate areas within the Territory. …

131. Under the Charter of the United Nations, the former Mandatory had pledged itself to observe and respect, in a territory having an international status, human rights and fundamental freedoms for all without distinction as to race. To establish instead, and to enforce, distinctions, exclusions, restrictions and limitations exclusively based on grounds of race, colour, descent or national or ethnic origin which constitute a denial of fundamental human rights is a flagrant violation of the purposes and principles of the Charter.

“International law did not define the crime of apartheid in 1971. This ruling did not try to define apartheid in any sense,” Elder of Ziyon wrote. “South Africa freely admitted it had a policy of apartheid. The entire question before the IJC was whether South Africa’s policies in Namibia were a violation of the UN Charter. . . Amnesty is lying – and they know it.”

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