Anti-BDS Act Introduced in Congress

The act protects American companies from being coerced to provide information to international organizations for the purpose of furthering boycotts against Israel.

Following Pressure Campaign, Speakers Withdraw From Israeli Herbalist Conference

Shabina Lafleur-Gangji, editor of the Journal of the American Herbalists Guild, takes credit for convincing conference supporters and scheduled lecturers to boycott the conference in Israel.

York University Reinstates Both Pro-Israel, Anti-Israel Student Groups After Clash

The suspensions meant that the groups’ privileges were temporarily revoked, including reserving rooms, and putting up posters and tables around campus for other events.

Hungary: ICC Does Not Have Jurisdiction to Try Case Against Israel

Hungary joined several other countries that have voiced opposition to the ICC’s move against Israel.

Democratic Candidate for House Accuses Israel of ‘Human Rights Violations,’ Supports BDS

The campaign website also states that “the U.S. government needs to stop enabling conflicts by reducing aid from nations committing human rights violations,” a reference implied of Israel.

Study Finds Clear Evidence Faculty in 40 Universities Use Classroom to Promote BDS

Academic BDS-supporting instructors had an average of 78% of their course readings authored by BDS supporters.

EXPOSED: Amnesty International’s Obsessive Anti-Semitic, Anti-Israel Hatred

Amnesty displays a symbiotic relationship with BDS and elements within Amnesty International actively seek to promote the destruction of the Jewish state.

‘The New Antisemites’: A Report on BDS and the Delegitimizing Campaign Against Israel

"The words and deeds of BDS movement supporters must not be ignored, especially by those of us who are living reminders of the near-extermination of the Jewish people."

Israel Rejects HRW Report Drafted by BDS Activist Deported from Israel

NGO Monitor dismissed the report as ”simply bizarre" and pointed out how it whitewashes terror.

Gideon Sa’ar to EU: Your Decision Was Immoral and Illegal

"Applying rules to Israel that it does not apply anywhere else in the world is against the laws of the World Trade Organization.”

Trump to IAC Crowd: American-Jews Who Vote Democrat ‘Don’t Love Israel Enough’

Trump sharply criticized his predecessor, saying under the Obama administration relations with Israel were “undermined and neglected.”

127 Israeli, Jewish Academics Want France to Kill ‘Anti-Zionism Is Anti-Semitism’ Resolution

Le Monde published an open letter from a group of 127 Israeli and Jewish intellectuals who claimed that "cette résolution est hautement problématique," this resolution is highly problematic.

Rashida Tlaib Compares US-Mexico to Israel-Gaza while Linda Sarsour Equates Israel to White Supremacy

Tlaib said that she’s also advocating for clean water in her Michigan district and “fighting for clean water in Gaza.”

London Police Forced to Block BDS Activists at Regavim Presentation

“The truth is stronger than all the lies spread by BDS organizations who hide behind mantras of peace and dialogue."

50 Attorneys Call on AG Mandelblit to Prosecute Anarchists Who Harmed IDF Soldiers

“It is inconceivable that a defendant who declares openly that they will not attend hearings, will suddenly ‘benefit’ from a stay of proceedings by the AG."

Israel Slandered for Deporting Omar Shakir

It's what democracies do to protect themselves against their enemies.

Led by Levin, House Democrats Scold Pompeo for Reversing US Policy on Judea, Samaria

"Settlement expansion into the occupied West Bank makes a contiguous Palestinian state inviable, jeopardizing Israel’s future" as a democracy.

Netherlands Challenges EU Order to Label Israeli ‘Settlement’ Products

Israel’s Ambassador to The Netherlands Naor Gilon on Monday thanked Voordewind “and all the supporters of this motion.”

Amazon Boycotts Pro-Israel Group over Southern Poverty Law Center Listing

"In a free country that cherishes freedom of expression, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, technology companies like Amazon should not be allowed to blacklist charities."

U of Toronto Apologizes for Anti-Semitic Response to Student Request to Secure Kosher Food

The student was told, “I doubt the Executive Committee will be comfortable recommending this motion given that the organization hosting it is openly pro-Israel.”

NYU Department Co-Sponsors Anti-Israel Speaker, Rejects Request to Host Pro-Israel One

The NYU department “is isolating students who support Israel by adopting and promoting a specific, one-sided narrative to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

Netanyahu: Europe Sanctions Israel, But Not Iran

Netanyahu said that “while the EU chooses not to join the sanctions on Iran, it imposes economic-diplomatic restrictions on Israel.”

European Court’s Verdict Ordering the Labeling of ‘Settlement’ Products Could Trigger US Sanctions on...

This decision mandates religious discrimination, treating Jewish-owned and Muslim-owned businesses differently even if they operate in the same geographic location.

Psagot Winery Commits to Fighting EU Court’s Anti-Semitic Ruling on Labeling

“Even though the ECJ ruled against us , this is just the beginning of the fight. We are not going to accept a double standard,” said CEO of Psagot Winery Yaakov Berg.

84 Groups Challenge Umass’ Lending Its Name to Anti-Israel Events

Same UMass Dept. that sponsored Roger Waters, Linda Sarsour Anti-Zionist Rallies to Co-Host BDS Event.

New Israel Fund Creates Alternative Fundraising Mechanism for Radical Leftist Causes

“We want to be the organization that provides a national Jewish progressive home,” said NIF vice president of finance and operations Jennifer Spitzer of a new fund that will include support to anti-Israel groups like IfNotNow.

It’s Final: High Court Orders Deportation of Anti-Israel HRW Activist

This is the first instance in which a new Israeli law enabling the deportation of anti-Israel activists has been enacted and upheld by the courts.

Puma Sportswear Facing Global BDS Boycott Over Sponsorship of Israel Football Association

The only cure for evil is good. Go to a sports store and buy Puma, even if it is only a small, symbolic purchase, and show your support for this firm.

Israel, PA, Resolve Calf Boycott Crisis

The PA Agriculture Ministry will establish an "exceptions committee" to ratify permits to import calves from Israel.


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