Israel Fights UN Discrimination with Green Initiative

The plan calls for giving budgetary support to companies that engage in sustainability and other environmentally friendly activities.

Missouri Enacts Anti-BDS Law, Joining 31 Other States

The legislation prohibits the state and its political subdivisions from entering into contracts worth more than $100,000 with companies with 10 or more employees that engage in BDS.

Finally: National Council of Young Israel Takes on BLM Anti-Semites

NCYI President Farley Weiss condemned the marchers who “desperately seek justice and an end to racism" and "are themselves engaging in abhorrent and hypocritical behavior that fans the flames of bigotry and hate.”

Democrats Circulate Letter Proposing to Cut US Assistance to Israel

Four members of Congress are circulating a letter threatening to condition or even cut off US assistance to Israel if Jerusalem proceeds with its planned annexation.

New Website Names 150 Anti-Israel Israeli Professors

"Our website will be an important resource for students, as well as for the broader public who value both Israel and the truth."

Thousands Call on Army Radio to Drop Anti-Israel Pop Star Dua Lipa

The petition, organized Im Tirtzu, came after Lipa had sparked outrage on Sunday by sharing an anti-Israel and anti-IDF post to her 46 million followers on Instagram.

BDS Leader Says Goal of Movement is End of Israel

During a 20-minute interview in Arabic via a Podcast, Omar Barghouti appears to have let slip its real objective.

Palestinian Authority Campaign Calls for Boycott of IDF’s Coordination Unit

The IDF's information pages in Arabic are extremely popular among Palestinian Authority residents.

Senior Chassidic Dayan Joins Boycott of Eliezer Berland

Last week, three of the world's most prestigious Haredi courts issued a harsh and unprecedented ruling against Berland.

Pink Floyd BDSed Roger Waters

Waters is upset because Gilmour thinks he is irrelevant and banned the mention of Waters' solo projects from the band's website and Facebook page.

Sodastream Hosts Iftar Event for 2,000 Families in Plant that Replaced BDS-Targeted Facility

Back in 2016, the SodaStream plant a couple of miles on the wrong side of the green line was forced to lay off its remaining 74 Arab workers and close down.

Missouri Becomes 29th US State to Pass Anti-BDS Law

The bill will prohibit the State of Missouri and its political subdivisions from entering into contracts worth over $100,000 with companies with 10 or more employees that engage in the boycott of Israel.

Student Government at UC Irvine Repeals BDS Resolution

“A sustained campaign of harassment and intimidation has been waged against Jewish students and their allies on UCI’s campus with impunity,” read a March 12 resolution.

EXCLUSIVE: Palestinian Authority Utilizing Corona Crisis to Collapse Israeli Agriculture in Jordan Valley

The Palestinian Authority has been threatening and even arresting PA Arabs to discourage them from working for Israelis in the Jordan Valley.

US House Democrats Block Anti-BDS Bill H.R. 5595

The Democrats just gave a boost to the anti-Israel BDS movement.

Boston’s Federation Honors Activist with Ties to IfNotNow

The Boston-based Jewish Federation, Combined Jewish Philanthropies (CJP), recently honored a local activist with ties to the anti-Israel group IfNotNow.

Israel Enraged by UN Human Rights ‘Contemptible’ Blacklist Targeting Israel’s Business

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated after the report’s publication that “whoever boycotts us will be boycotted. "

AIPAC Apologizes, Removes Ads Slamming ‘Radical Democrats’ Reps. Omar, Tlaib and McCollum

Other than the Democrats circling the wagons around their anti-Israel radicals, it's not clear exactly what AIPAC should be apologizing for.

Finally Reciprocating: Israel Bans Palestinian Authority Produce Exports to Jordan and Israel

Senior PA and Fatah officials stand to make significant personal profits by redirecting livestock imports away from Israel and to their own import connections that would control the market.

Complaint Filed Against World Council of Churches for Espionage, Illegal Entry into Israel, Threat...

The WCC has been running the anti-Israel "Ecumenical Accompaniment Programme in Palestine and Israel" (EAPPI)

B’nai B’rith Attacks Baseball’s Promotion of Israel Hater Roger Waters

In 2018, the Simon Wiesenthal Center counted Waters among the ten worst anti-Semitic phenomena of the year – a year which witnessed the Tree Of Life Synagogue massacre.

Anti-BDS Act Introduced in Congress

The act protects American companies from being coerced to provide information to international organizations for the purpose of furthering boycotts against Israel.

Following Pressure Campaign, Speakers Withdraw From Israeli Herbalist Conference

Shabina Lafleur-Gangji, editor of the Journal of the American Herbalists Guild, takes credit for convincing conference supporters and scheduled lecturers to boycott the conference in Israel.

York University Reinstates Both Pro-Israel, Anti-Israel Student Groups After Clash

The suspensions meant that the groups’ privileges were temporarily revoked, including reserving rooms, and putting up posters and tables around campus for other events.

Hungary: ICC Does Not Have Jurisdiction to Try Case Against Israel

Hungary joined several other countries that have voiced opposition to the ICC’s move against Israel.

Democratic Candidate for House Accuses Israel of ‘Human Rights Violations,’ Supports BDS

The campaign website also states that “the U.S. government needs to stop enabling conflicts by reducing aid from nations committing human rights violations,” a reference implied of Israel.

Study Finds Clear Evidence Faculty in 40 Universities Use Classroom to Promote BDS

Academic BDS-supporting instructors had an average of 78% of their course readings authored by BDS supporters.


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