Photo Credit: TPS
Entrance to Har Adar following the terror attack. Sept. 26, 2017

10:00 AM One of the murdered Israelis has been identified as Border Policeman Solomon Gaviriya, 20, from Be’er Yaacov. The two additional murdered Israelis were private guards for the community and identified as Or Arish of Har Adar and Youssef Ottman from Abu Ghosh. The wounded Israeli is the community’s security coordinator.

Or Arish and Youssef Ottman. HY”D., murdered by a terrorist in Har Adar. Sept. 26, 2017
Sgt. Solomon Gaviriya HY”D was murdered in the Har Adar terror attack on Sept. 26, 2017


The terrorist worked in the community as a regular cleaner in one of the homes. According to security sources, the terrorist’s wife ran away from him to Jordan a few weeks ago after he beat her.

The gun that was used in the attack was reported stolen in 2003.

8:48 AM The terrorist, age 37 and father of 4, from Beyt Surik, had a work permit, according to police. The terrorist is now reported as dead.

8:00 AM Three of the four wounded Israelis have died from their wounds. The terrorist is neutralized (maybe dead), according to a Border Police report.

The terrorist arrived at the gate of the community with workers from the Palestinian Authority coming in to work. He then opened fire on the security forces on duty killing three and wounding one.

There is a gag order on the identity of the Israelis.

The gun used in the Har Adar terror attack. Sept. 26, 2017

7:45 AM Four Israelis were wounded in the attack. Two of the Israelis are in critical condition, one is in serious condition, according to Hatzalah Yo”sh. The terrorist is still alive.

7:42 AM: Update: Three Israeli were seriously wounded in Har Adar when a terrorist opened fire on them near the entrance to the community, according to police. The three were part of a security force guarding the community.

7:30 AM The terrorist has been neutralized. At this point it appears the terrorist may still be alive.

According to MDA, a report came in at 7:14 AM on a terrorist shooting. Paramedics are treating 4 seriously wounded people for gunshot and knife wounds. It now appears that one of the four is the terrorist.

Har Adar is an Israeli community 15 kilometers west of Jerusalem. It is located near Abu Ghosh and Mevasseret Zion.

Map of Har Hadar and nearby region