Prime Minister Netanyahu has been meeting with leaders from the Druze community in an attempt to appease them after some members of the community felt slighted by the Nationality Law that recently passed.

On Wednesday night, Netanyahu announced a series of steps he would take to appease the Druze community, including laws recognizing the contribution of the Druze community to Israel.


In addition, Netanyahu continued to hold meeting with various leaders of the Druze community.

On Thursday, at one of the meetings, Brigadier General Amal Assad, said that the law was evil, racist and would allow Israel to turn into an Apartheid state.

Netanyahu announced in anger that he would not accept this blow to the honor of the Israeli prime minister or the state of Israel from someone who calls Israel an apartheid state.

The concept of honor is very strong among the Druze community, and Netanyahu’s statement was a clear message to the Druze leaders, using language they understand, that they had crossed the line.

Netanyahu said he would still pass the pro-Druze laws, but this meeting was over, and he walked out.

Police also had to intervene earlier in the day at a ceremony sponsored by the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews at the Ort Braude College, where 80 scholarships were being granted to Druze students who had completed their IDF or National Service.

When MK Avi Dichter, the author of the Nationality law, stepped onto the podium, all hell broke out among the Druze teachers and students attending the ceremony. Some of the protesters called Dichter a Nazi.