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Chaim Walder, 53, a famous Ultra-Orthodox author and influencer, died in an apparent act of suicide on Monday after facing numerous allegations of sexual abuse of minors.

After 22 testimonies of sexual exploitation emerged against Walder, he was found dead at the Segulah Cometary near Beni Brak next to his deceased son’s grave, after having been shot. He has a gun license.


He left his home in the morning and went missing. The police located his body in the cemetery by triangulating his cellphone.

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu, the Chief Rabbi of Tzfat and who leads a special tribunal that deals with sexual misconduct within the religious community, stated that he “heard with pain about the suicide of Chaim Walder. It is a pity that he chose this path. We suggested that he correct what he wronged. That he apologize to the victims. That he change his way. That no more women be harmed. He could have taught many the way of repentance. It’s a shame he chose the path of suicide.”

“We strengthen the many victims in this difficult time, their lives precede his life,” he added.

Rabbi Eliyahu issued a warning earlier this week about the dangers posed by Walder’s actions after discussing his case and meeting with some of the victims.

Israeli journalists rallied in support of two of their colleagues at the Haaretz daily who initially exposed Walder’s abusive actions and urged them to continue with their mission to expose abuse within the Ultra-Orthodox, a phenomenon which is usually silenced and kept quiet.


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