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Entrepreneur Lea Malul and her dream

Channel 10 News reported this week about secret negotiations taking place in recent months to establish in Israel’s southern city of Dimona a park resembling Disney World’s magical kingdom in Orlando, USA. According to Channel 10, American entrepreneurs have met with Dimona Mayor Benny Biton and presented their first plans for an investment of $ 400 million in the park.

Lea Malul, CEO of the theme park project at Plaim (Wonders), the organization behind the initiative, brought together eight foreign investors from Britain, the US, and South America who liked the idea, and raised the first $1.5 million for the project in complete secrecy, according to Israeli media.


According to Malul, the park will spread over some 60 acres of land at the entrance to Dimona, with five sections: World of the Jewish Nation, World of Society, World of Time, World of Spirits, and Oasis. Each world will offer four or five rides.

Malul insists that the World of the Jewish Nation will not feature any aspect of Jewish tradition, and instead will present “life and what surrounds us with values that are not only Jewish but universal.”

Think of us when you plan your next bar mitzvah…

Since she can’t incorporate Disney characters like Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Malul plans to develop new characters who will some day be the “cultural heroes of tomorrow.”

Which is where the famous nearby secret nuclear plant of Dimona comes into use: it’s a well-known fact that most super heroes begin their career by becoming exposed to nuclear radiation of some form or another. Perhaps the Dimona plant should become a regular stop on the route of the new park’s monorail, where visitors will go in as regular tourists and come out on the other side as Super PR Lady?