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For the first time more people have recovered (green bar) than have gotten sick (blue bar) Red bars indicates deaths. April 17, 2020

This does not yet indicate a trend, but it is a definite break in the pattern of what has been monitored up until now. If it continues for a few more days that might indicate a trend. Of course, that trend could be broken if people don’t follow the Health Ministry’s instructions.

On Friday morning, Israel reported 12,851 people infected with Coronavirus, 264 more than on Thursday. Israel also reported 2,967 total people have recovered, up 343 from Thursday.


This is the first day that more people recovered (343) from Coronavirus than the number of people who have taken ill (264).

The number of dead has risen to 148, and increase of 8, and the number in serious condition rose to 182, also an increase of 8.

But the number of people on respirators went down to 129, a drop of 11. And the numbers of those lightly and moderately ill has also dropped.


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