Photo Credit: Tycho / Wikimedia
Ya Ly Dam spillway, Vietnam on December 22, 2012

Israel signed a cooperation agreement on Thursday with the four countries of the Mekong River Commission (MRC), an international treaty-based organization that links the governments of Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia and Laos to deal with water resource management issues.

China and Myanmar, the upstream countries of the Mekong River Basin, are “Dialogue Partners” of the organization, and cooperate in an annual dialogue meeting, data and information sharing, joint studies, and technical exchanges.


Israeli Ambassador to Vietnam Nadav Eschcar signed the agreement on behalf of the government, pledging to share its knowledge, experience, and expertise on agricultural drought during times of water crises.

The MRC monitors the water level, flows, quality, sediment, ecological health, fisheries and social impact of the Mekong River Basin. The organization also implements forecasting (flood and drought), data and information management, analysis and assessment, and basin planning among other functions.

Nations in the Mekong River region have a great need for assistance with upgrading irrigation – due to over-pumping water to irrigate their crops — as well as dam construction to provide green energy.

Israel has become a world leader in the field of water management, and its assistance in this area is in great demand.


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