Toyota Affiliate Teams with Israeli Startup to Create Electric Commercial Vehicles

The two companies will work to develop hardware prototypes by 2022.

Foreigners Banned from Tokyo’s 2021 Summer Olympics

"The IOC and IPC were informed . . . about the conclusion of the Japanese parties not to allow entry into Japan for overseas spectators."

Biden Administration: North Korea Increasing Threat to Continental USA

North Korea recently unveiled “a new ICBM considerably larger and presumably more capable than the systems they tested in 2017."

Despite Recent Changes in Armenia, Fascism and Anti-Semitism Remain a Concern

"Did you know that in 1915 the Armenian genocide was organized by Jews?”

Azerbaijan’s Jews Take International Women’s Day Seriously

International Women’s Day in Azerbaijan is about revering mothers, sisters, wives, and daughters because they are holy, as he puts it.

Elbit Gets $300 Million Deal to Supply Unmanned Aircraft Systems to Unnamed Asian Country

“There is a continuous demand for integrating unmanned systems to cope with a growing variety of operational needs."

South Korea, Iran Progress in Talks to Release $7 billion in Iranian Assets

In early January, Iran seized a South Korean tanker and its crew in the Persian Gulf.

More Than 100 Injured as Japan, Near Fukushima, Struck by 7.3-Magnitude Earthquake

Some 860,000 homes were without electricity, according to the Tokyo Electric Power Company, but power was gradually being restored.

Israelis Caught Illegally Selling Advanced Arms to Unnamed Asian Nation

“This case illustrates the potential damage to national security inherent in transactions carried out by Israeli citizens, vis-à-vis foreign parties."

Martial Law Declared in Myanmar as Grassroots Protests Continue

Military officials in Naypyidaw warned protesters they would be shot with "real bullets" if they breach police lines.

Israel Condemns Myanmar Military Coup, Calls for Release of Suu Kyi

"Everyone in the street came out banging everything they got . . . shouting out prayer for the beloved leader."

Biden Threatens to Reinstate Sanctions Against Myanmar Over Military Coup D’Etat

"The United States removed sanctions on Burma ... based on progress toward democracy. The reversal of that progress will necessitate an immediate review... followed by appropriate action."

Honoring the Japanese Diplomat Who Saved Thousands of Jews from Holocaust

Chiune Sugihara defied his own government’s orders by issuing handwritten transit visas in 1940 to more than 6,000 Lithuanian Jews, enabling them to escape Nazi-occupied Europe.

Revealed: Officials from Undisclosed Major Muslim Country Pay Recent Visit to Israel

A senior adviser to the leader of a large Muslim-majority country with no diplomatic ties to Israel heads a delegation that meets with Israeli counterparts in Tel Aviv.

State of Israel, Kingdom of Bhutan Establish Full Diplomatic Ties

The foreign ministries of the two countries have been holding secret talks over the past year.

Kim Jong Un Breaks Down During Apology for Pandemic Failures But Expert Suspects a...

Three different news outfits presented differently edited videos of the same event, stressing subtly different views of the story.

President Aliyev Sends Rosh Hashanah Greetings to the Jewish Community of Azerbaijan

The State Department urged Azerbaijan to avoid using the pandemic to silence “civil society advocacy, opposition voices, or public discussion.”

Taiwan Denies Reports it Shot Down Chinese Su-35 that Violated Its Airspace

Taiwan is a major investor in the autonomous region of Guangxi, with more than a thousand Taiwanese startups and close to $5 billion in exports.

Netanyahu to Japan’s PM: ‘Good Health, Success; You Will Always Be Welcome Here’

Netanyahu said he would like to express his appreciation for the friendship forged between Israel and Japan, during which cooperation flourished between them.

Kim Jong-Un in a Coma According to South Korean Official

There has been much speculation recently over Kim Jong-un's health, including the suggestion that was infected with COVID-19.

Taiwan Government Donates 100,000 Surgical Masks to Magen David Adom

Anne Ayalon acknowledged on behalf of Magen David Adom the warm connection and the generous donation.

Daniel Pearl’s Parents Appeal Pakistani Court’s Overturning his Killers’ Convictions

According to the Pakistani press, Sindh prosecutors filed an appeal to the Supreme Court against the Sindh High Court decision on April 22, and on April 28, and asked for an early hearing.

Now You See Him: North Korea’s Kim Jong Un Returns to Public Life

State media showed Kim cutting a ribbon outside the factory, with his sister Kim Yo Jong together with several senior North Korean officials.

Report: China Sends Doctors to Consult on Kim’s Health in North Korea

US President Donald Trump negated rumors that Kim was in a “vegetative state,” or even that he was gravely ill.

Israeli Imprisoned in Thailand to Serve Remainder of Sentence in Israel

Nati Hadad was arrested in 2017 and sentenced a year after for running an illegal medical clinic and a firearms offense.

Japanese Firm Starts Testing Coronavirus DNA Vaccine on Animals

AnGes noted that unlike attenuated vaccines, created by reducing the virulence of a pathogen, but still keeping it viable (or "alive"), DNA vaccines are safe, as they have no pathogenicity.

Japanese Company Developing COVID-19 Treatment Using Recovered Patients’ Plasma

TAK-888 is a drug harvested from the blood plasma of recovered COVID-19 patients, to collect the antibodies.

Israeli Woman Wins Tokyo Marathon

The race was limited to only a few hundred top runners, with more than 30,000 amateur runners asked not to attend, because of the coronavirus outbreak in Japan.

After 17 Years of Needless War, Trump Signs Peace Deal with Taliban

Secretary Pompeo believes peace with Taliban will succeed if they cooperate with the Afghan government.

Israeli Diplomats Quarantined in Japan

The diplomats are quarantined to make sure they did not become infected with coronavirus while rescuing Israeli citizens.


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