IsraAID to Send Medical Supplies to Afghanistan Following Quake

In September and October of 2021, IsraAID coordinated the evacuation of 167 Afghan nationals to Albania and the United Arab Emirates.

Israel Aerospace Industries, Hyundai to Supply Philippine Navy with Radar Systems

Modular in construction, the Alpha 3D radar will be integrated with the ships’ combat-management systems.

MKs Visit Indonesia for First Time

This is the first time MKs visited Indonesia, a country with which Israel has no diplomatic relations.

Singapore to Open Embassy in Israel

Singapore will also establish a representative office in Ramallah to support the work of Non-Resident Representative Hawazi Daipi, "coordinate technical assistance & facilitate engagement."

North Korea Tests Ballistic Missile Capable of Striking US Forces in Guam

There is a concern the launch could be a prelude to nuclear and long-range missile tests that could directly threaten the US mainland.

Israel Issues Travel Warning for Kazakhstan Due to Rising Violence

Israelis were warned to “exercise caution and avoid unnecessary visits” to the country.

Japanese Museum Marks Rescue of Jewish Refugees Who Landed at Tsuruga Port

In 1947, the Japanese foreign office asked Sugihara to resign because of "that incident" in Lithuania.

Singapore Opens First Jewish Museum, Highlighting 200 Years of History

The museum is located next to the Maghain Aboth Synagogue, Asia’s second-largest and Southeast Asia’s oldest synagogue.

As Fizuli International Airport Opens in War-Torn Karabakh, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Share Dream of Asian...

Close to one million Azerbaijanis were displaced from Karabakh during the First Karabakh War (1988-1994).

Lost No More: 235 Bnei Menashe Made Aliyah

Currently, 6,500 Bnei Menashe are awaiting their return to the Jewish homeland.

Jerusalem Names New Square for a Japanese Diplomat, Righteous Among the Nations

Mayor of Jerusalem Moshe Leon said, “The Righteous Among the Nations Chiyona Sugihara did everything in his power and worked tirelessly to save Jews from the clutches of the Nazis, at no small a personal price.”

The Sugihara Exclusion: Israel Bites the Hand that Fed Jews

Israeli bureaucrats have denied visas for the son of a righteous gentile to attend a Jerusalem ceremony in his father’s honor.

Azerbaijan Terrified of Iranian Military Maneuvers on Its Border

Tehran is not happy about Azerbaijan’s victory over Armenia in Nagorno-Karabakh in the fall of 2020.

Israeli Expert: Fizuli International Airport Marks the Recovery of Azerbaijan’s War Torn Region

Fizuli, on Iran's border, was one of the cities that were destroyed during the First Karabakh War.

North Korea Says New Long-Range Nuclear Cruise Missile Can Reach Japan

Cruise missiles are harder to detect on radar than ballistic missiles, because they are propelled by jet engines and fly much closer to the ground.

Israel Signs Cooperation Agreement with Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia & Laos

Israel pledged to share its knowledge, experience, and expertise on agricultural drought during times of water crises.

Rosh Hashanah Greetings from Azerbaijan

“Passersby, regardless of their religious affiliation, always congratulate us on Rosh Hashanah.”

Israeli Swimmer Mark Malyar Wins 2nd Gold Medal, Breaks World Record in Paralympic Games

Malyar began swimming at age 5 with his brother as part of hydrotherapy treatment.

12 US Soldiers Killed, 15 Hurt, and 60 Civilians Dead in ISIS-K Attack in...

Of the 70+ people killed, 12 were US military personnel. More than a hundred more were injured, including 15 American soldiers.

Israel Warns of ‘Deteriorating Human Rights Situation’ in Afghanistan at UN Special Session in...

"Israel has been alarmed by reports of targeted killing of women’s rights defenders, and utterly condemn any violence against women and girls," in Afghanistan.

Taliban Seize Presidential Palace in Kabul: Conquest of Afghanistan Complete

Kabul airport remained the only way out of Afghanistan still under government control.

Kabul Has Fallen, US Negotiating Transfer of Power to Taliban

The estimated amount of direct Afghanistan and Iraq war costs that the United States has debt-financed as of 2020: $2 trillion.

New Azerbaijani Trade Office in Tel Aviv May Lead to Full-Fledged Embassy

Israel sold Azerbaijan SandCat-Stormer armored vehicles with 12.7 mm NSV machine guns, anti-tank guided missiles SPIKE-ER, NLOS, LAHAT, 120 mm SPEAR mortars, and numerous UAVs.

South Korea Endorses IHRA Definition of Antisemitism

South Korea is the first country in Asia to endorse the official definition, reported Akiva Tor, Israel’s Ambassador to the Republic of Korea.

Israeli Gymnast Artem Dolgopyat Wins Gold Medal

"Hatikva has been played in the gymnastics arena in Tokyo and the flag of Israel is flying high."

Israeli Judoka Praises Saudi Opponent for ‘Bravery’ in Face of Calls to Boycott Match

As of last Monday, it was still unclear whether or not Al-Qahtani would face Hershko.

Israel Celebrates Olympic Bronze Medals in Judo

Israel beat Russia 4:1 in the group event that was held for the first time this year, and 11 of its team members were awarded a medal.

How Many Israeli Olympic Baseball Players Does It Take to Destroy a Bed?

On Friday, the Israelis play the US, but the American team features no major league player.


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