South Korea, Israel to Establish $80 Million Fund for DeepTech Investments

The fund, known as the NH-OC Global Open Innovation fund, will focus on investing in approximately 25-30 startups.

Taliban Offers Thousands of Fighters to Help Iran’s Proxy, Hezbollah, Fight Israel

The Taliban regime notified Iranian authorities that if needed, it will send thousands of fighters to fight against Israel.

Antisemitic Maldives Unintentionally Bans Israeli Arabs Too

Maldives AG: “The biggest concern of some is that there are many Palestinians holding Israeli passports, millions of them, so what happens when we issue a blanket ban?"

Israel’s Foreign Ministry Warns Israelis Not to Travel to Maldives

"It is imperative for Maldives to end or suspend all forms of relationship with Israel immediately."

Russia Just Made New Friends, the Taliban

Afghanistan's untapped mineral deposits located by a US Geological Survey are worth at least $1 trillion.

Report: Secret Normalization Deal Reached Between Israel and Indonesia

The deal was reportedly reached after three months of secret talks between Indonesia, Israel and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Japan Renews UNWRA Support at $35 Million, Demands Reports on How Its Money Is...

Japan suspended funding in January after Israel presented proof that members of UNRWA's staff were involved in Hamas's attack on Israel in October.

Singapore Orders Israeli Embassy to Take Down Post for Being Dangerously True

Singapore was not amused, which is what this story is really about.

Japan Ends Ties with Elbit over Gaza War, Cites ICJ Order at The Hague

"We have already suspended new activities related to the MOU, and plan to end the MOU by the end of February," said the CFO of Itochu.

Israel Expands Quota of Foreign Agricultural Workers

Israeli workers who might have filled the gaps have been called up for military reserve duty.

Pakistan Retaliates Against Iranian Bombing of Balochistan

The Balochistan region has experienced many insurgencies by separatist militants demanding independence for "Greater Balochistan."

Malaysia Bans Israeli Linked Ships From Its Ports As Red Sea Tensions Rise

Attacks have increased the cost of shipping to Israel as transportation companies pull out of the Bab el-Mandeb route. Israel’s economy relies on seaborne trade.

Ramming Attack Outside Israeli Embassy in Tokyo

A Japanese police officer in his twenties was injured during a ramming attack aimed at the Israeli Embassy in Tokyo.

Armenian Terrorists Set Synagogue on Fire in Yerevan

The group promised to take revenge on Jews, including in European countries.

AP: Hamas Used North Korean-Made RPGs on 10/7

The rocket-propelled grenade launchers are effective against heavy armored vehicles.

North Korea Sends Artillery to Russia for Use Against Ukraine

Military experts believe that North Korea will likely receive advanced weapons or technology from Russia in exchange for the supplies.

IAI, Azercosmos Announce Contract to Sell Advanced Satellites to Azerbaijan

The two companies said they are committed to a successful implementation of the Azersky-2 program, and are looking forward to mutually beneficial cooperation in future space programs.

North Korea’s Kim Jong Un to Meet for Arms Talks with Russia’s Vladimir Putin

The US has said it will impose sanctions and take other actions if North Korea supplies Russia with weapons.

Israel, Japan Explore Possible Free Trade Deal

Nishimura brought a trade delegation of 80 Japanese company representatives as Tokyo and Jerusalem explore a possible free trade agreement that would expand their $3.3 billion commercial relationship.

IAI Sells Advanced Spy Satellite to Singapore for $200M

"While in orbit, the satellite is expected to begin a preplanned series of tests, and following their completion, will be formally handed over to its Singaporean customers, DSTA and ST Electronics."

Israel Signs Free Trade Agreement with Vietnam

The new agreement is expected to boost annual bilateral trade by about 50 percent, bringing bilateral trade to some $3 billion.

Global Heat Wave Moves East, Tops 50C (126F) in China

The previous record in China was set in July 2017, when the mercury reached 123 degrees Fahrenheit.

UNSC to Meet on North Korea’s Successful ICBM Test-Launch

Iran’s frequent threats to annihilate the State of Israel could someday be realized with assistance from North Korea.

Omar, Tlaib, Boycott Visiting Indian PM, Humiliating Biden

“Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib spitting poison by not attending PM Modi's US Congress address.”

Israel Strengthening Ties with Southeast Asia

Cohen is leading two business delegations organized by the Economic Division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Export Institute and the Israeli embassies in Manila and Seoul.

US Officials Warn ‘Extensive’ Chinese Cyber Attack Expected if Beijing Invades Taiwan

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy: “If Xi Jingping moves on Taiwan, we should assume he’ll launch cyberattacks against the United States as part of the operation."

Pakistan Vehemently Denying Commercial Ties with Israel

The AJC reported that a shipment of Pakistani food was delivered to Israel by Pakistani-Jewish businessman Fishel Benkhald.

Israeli Firm Completes Upgrades to Philippine Naval Shipyard

Israel Shipyards Ltd. transferred the documents and keys of a newly-refurbished shipyard to the Philippine Navy's possession on Wednesday.

Israel’s Chief Ashkenazi Rabbi Visits Taiwan to Open New Jewish Community Center

Rabbi Lau also attended a regional summit of some 30 rabbis from Sydney, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Cambodia, and met with Israeli and Taiwanese officials as well during his stay.


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