Photo Credit: Michael Giladi/Flash90
IDF reserve soldiers train in the northern Golan Heights, March 27, 2024.

Four soldiers were wounded overnight Monday in an explosion of unknown origin that occurred during an activity in southern Lebanon. The condition of one of them is serious, the condition of two is moderate and the other is slightly wounded, according to the army.

The fighters, from the Golani and Yalom special force units, were evacuated to the hospital by helicopter after receiving medical treatment in the field.


The IDF is investigating the incident to clarify if the source of the explosion was an IED or a landmine.

Hezbollah accepted responsibility for the explosion, stating that it planted explosives in Lebanese territory, near the border with Israel, and these exploded when the forces arrived there. The organization added that the action was intended to express support for the people of the Gaza Strip.

Meanwhile, IDF fighter jets attacked a rocket launch site, terrorist infrastructure, and military buildings belonging to Hezbollah in the areas of Seddiqine, Al Matmura, Levona, and Ayta ash Shab in southern Lebanon, as well as a terrorist threat in the south of the country. At noon Lebanon reported an IDF aerial attack in the village of Kila in the south.


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