Photo Credit: Yacov / Wikipedia
Beit Aryeh - Ofarim

It was initially reported that there was a terror attack in the community of Ofarim, in the Binyamin region, on Wednesday afternoon. It turned out to be a car being stolen, which escalated into the reports of a terror attack.

What is known is that two Arabs stole a vehicle near the entrance to the town. Shots were fired at the individuals by police and security forces who were there at the entrance.


There were initial reports that some people were shot by the terrorist from the car, but those were incorrect reports are were the result of the security forces shooting at the thieves.

Local authorities sent out a message to residents that the search is happening outside the community, and not inside. No civilians or security forces were injured.

Security forces are searching for the thieves.

Ofarim is located near Peduel.


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