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Israeli soldiers on the frontlines received hundreds of copies of the popular Minchat Asher series on Genesis and Hanukkah, December 7, 2023.

Rabbi Asher Weiss’ acclaimed “Minchat Asher” pamphlets on the Book of Genesis and on Hanukkah have gained widespread popularity among both reserve and enlisted soldiers in the IDF. In response, the organization Tzalash (Army for the Sake of Heaven) has launched an extensive campaign to distribute these pamphlets to soldiers across the military.

Rabbi Yisrael Lior, the military rabbi of Battalion 8103 comprising reserve soldiers stationed on the northern border, gratefully accepted the pamphlets on behalf of his soldiers. He expressed their eagerness to continuously learn, emphasizing that even when physically distant from the yeshiva, the soldiers manage to engage with Torah teachings in profound ways. Lior believes this connection strengthens them in facing adversaries and contributes merits to the Jewish people.


Founded in 2013 by Rabbi Peretz Einhorn, Tzalash is committed to making Jewish knowledge and practices accessible to both male and female soldiers, as well as young individuals preparing for military service.

Born in Borough Park, Brooklyn, Rabbi Asher Zelig Weiss, 70, hails from a family of Klausenberger Hasidim. He serves as a posek and the rosh kollel of the Minchat Asher institute, renowned for his popular series addressing Jewish holidays, Torah, medicine, and responsa. In 2021, he published a volume of Minchas Asher responsa specifically addressing the coronavirus in Israel and its halachic implications.

A battalion rabbi stationed with the forces in Gaza shared that upon learning about the new “Minchat Asher” on Hanukkah, he promptly contacted the Tzalash organization. In response, Tzalash swiftly dispatched hundreds of books to uplift the spirits of the soldiers and invoke divine assistance for the victory of the people of Israel.

Rabbi Einhorn responded to the overwhelming demand, stating, “Even I did not fully grasp the soldiers’ thirst for the teachings of Rabbi Asher Weiss Shlita. There is a significant demand for them in the field. Soldiers convey to me, ‘Don’t send us material sustenance; send us spiritual nourishment. This is most crucial for boosting morale at this time.’ In the Tzalash organization, our mission is to provide support to soldiers in need of both spiritual and material assistance.”


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