Photo Credit: IDF Spokesperson
IDF soldiers during the operation in Balata refugee camp, May 22, 2023.

A joint operation of the IDF and Border Guard fighters, under the intelligence guidance of the Shin Bet, on Monday morning thwarted a terrorist plot in the Balata refugee camp near Shechem.


During the operation in the camp, the IDF fighters became engaged in an exchange of fire and eliminated two armed terrorists. Two M-16 rifles were found on the neutralized terrorists. Local terrorists threw stones and explosives at the fighters, and in the exchange of fire that ensued, injuries were detected.

In Jenin, the security forces arrested three wanted persons. During the operation, terrorists threw a bomb and shot at the fighters, who returned fire. The fighters confiscated military equipment. During the departure of the forces from the village, terrorists threw explosives at the force, which responded by shooting. A hit has been detected. In addition, the forces fired at a gunman they identified in the area. A hit was detected.

The fighters arrested seven wanted persons in the villages of Abu Dis, Ezaria, Bnei Naim, Kalks Dora, and in the refugee camps of El Aida and Aqbat Jaber. During the departure of the forces from the village of Abu Dis, terrorists threw explosives and stones at the forces, which responded with measures to disperse rioters. During the operation in Kafr Kalkas, the forces confiscated several grenades.

The 3 terrorists killed by the IDF, May 22,2023. / Arab social media

The PA Health Ministry identified Fathi Jihad Abdel Salam Rizk, 30, Abdullah Youssef Muhammad Abu Hamdan, 24, and Muhammad Bilal Muhammad Zaytoun, 32, who died in fire exchanges with the IDF.

According to Al-Quds, before their withdrawal from the Balata camp, the Israeli forces blew up several homes in the camp, resulting in two collateral injuries from shrapnel.

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