Photo Credit: Roni Schutzer / FLASH90
An Israeli cargo plane with Israeli emergency aid for China. May 25, 2008

Israel may offer to supply Lebanon with humanitarian aid following the massive explosion in Beirut on Tuesday evening, according to Middle East expert Shimrit Meir. Meir does not believe that Lebanon would accept any assistance from Israel. Hezbollah, which effectively controls their government, would certainly not allow it in any case.

Shortly after making her tweet, Defense Minister Gantz and Foreign Minister Ashkenazi announced that Israel officially offered medical and humanitarian aid, as well as immediate emergency assistance to the government of Lebanon. The offer was made via international intermediaries.


It remains to be seen if Lebanon accepts the offer.

During the Syrian civil war, Israel set up a field hospital on the Syrian border, and treated hundred if not thousands of Syrian civilians in Israel hospitals. Israeli citizens collected food and clothing and distributed it to the Syrian refugees.


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