Photo Credit: Israel Police Twitter screenshot
Security forces arrest Israeli Arab teacher Rami Habibullah on suspicion of working for Hamas, February 1, 2024.

A joint operation of the Shin Bet and and the Israel Police central unit in the Northern District, exposed a local terrorist infrastructure was exposed which intended to carry out terrorist attacks inside Israel.

As part of the investigation, Rami Habibullah, a resident of Ein Mahil, about five kilometers north-east of Nazareth, was arrested on February 1, on suspicion of promoting terrorist activities directed by Hamas operatives abroad.


His interrogation by the Shin Bet and the police revealed that following the start of the fighting in the Gaza Strip, Habibullah decided on his own to offer Hamas operatives abroad to promote terrorist activities in Israel. Habibullah sent a Hamas operative a photo of a security plant in his area of residence, with its exact location, to help Hamas fire rockets at this plant.

In addition, Habibullah acted under the direction of Hamas to recruit Israeli Arabs to promote terrorist activities in Israel. To this end, he contacted several Israeli Arab citizens and offered them to take part in the planned terrorist activities.

Among the citizens he addressed was Khaled Saleh, 35, also from Ein Mahil, who has since been arrested. Saleh’s interrogation revealed that he agreed to carry out terrorist attacks together with Habibullah and offered to provide weapons for said attacks. Another person involved in the cell has been placed in administrative detention.


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