Yet another disturbing video from the south of Israel: a CCTV video from Rt. 40 in southern Israel, posted Monday on Israeli social media, shows a car jacking attempt, as a group of local men run across the highway to were the stalled vehicle is standing. They take over the car, but then a struggle ensues over possession. Eventually some of the thieves take over and drive off.


An earlier clip, posted recently on social media, shows the alleged assault of a motorist who was involved in a traffic accident at the Ohalim junction in the Negev. A jeep is seen onscreen and behind it another car. Suddenly, two of the occupants of the jeep – one of them masked – arrive at the private vehicle with one of them carrying an iron bar and his friend kicking in one of the doors.

Over the weekend, the local social media was bombarded with videos of Bedouins armed with semi-automatic rifles, obviously stolen or purchased illegally from military stock, cruising Israel’s highways and shooting every which way while panicked motorists look on. The wild south show was part of a wedding, apparently, and the bullets fired in the air were expressions of joy.

As alarm bells were sounded across Israeli media, police acquiesced and finally arrested a few suspects, including the groom.

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