Thank You Mr. Biden: More than 12,000 US Arabs Entered Israel from the PA...

Israel has attempted to slow down the flood of freely roaming PA Arabs into its territory by banning them from coming in with cars.

Two Israeli Bedouin Arrested in IDF Ammunition Theft

This is not the first time – or the second -- that ammunition has been stolen from an IDF base.

Regavim Report Shows There Never Were Pre-1948 Bedouin Villages

"The ‘historical villages’ narrative has been proven to be a fake and a lie."

14 Bedouin Arrested on Suspicion of Extortion

Trucks and boats were set on fire to get victims to pay extortion fees.

3 Bedouins Tried to Kidnap Young Jewish Woman from Kiryat Malachi

Police arrived following a report of shouting and violence near the young woman's building.

Report: Underworld Hired Bedouins to Dig Smuggling Tunnel Under Negev Prison

Eventually, police discovered a tunnel not far from the prison where Bedouins grew illegal cannabis.

Israeli Court Sets New Hearing Over Order to Evacuate Khan al-Ahmar

The government must present its plan to evacuate the Bedouin village built illegally on state-owned land by April 2.

Watch: Bedouins Who Serve in the IDF Want to Belong

The Bedouins’ military service should not be taken for granted.

Israel Requests Another 4 Month Postponement on Removing Khan al-Ahmar

For the ninth time: the State of Israel asks the High Court to allow another postponement of its response to Regavim’s petition for the evacuation of the Palestinian Authority’s flagship outpost, Khan al-Ahmar.

Right-Wing NGO and MKs Join KKL-JNF Against Arab Party over Tree Planting

The legal move follows last year’s political disaster when Negev Bedouins rioted against KKL-JNF's planting on state lands.

As Israeli High Court Deadline Approaches, Bedouins Wait to Learn Fate of Khan al-Ahmar

PM Netanyahu says 38 illegal Arab outposts have been dismantled so far in 2023.

Ben Gvir and Bedouin Father of 8 Agree Police Must End Violent Chaos in...

National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir was on a two-day visit to the south he planned to continue “until two hours before Shabbat.” On...

Israeli Bedouin Arrested for Stealing Weapons from Army Base

The Bedouin stole a tremendous amount of ammuntion and weapon parts.

State to Appeal Soft Sentence of Bedouin Who Molested 10-Year-Old Jewish Girl

After acknowledging what an evil and heartless criminal he was, the same judges cut his sentence in half.

Ben Gvir Time: Israel Erases Illegal Bedouin Village near Beer Sheva

WAFA noted that on November 14 Israeli authorities razed the village for the 209th time.

Bedouin Theft at Tze’elim Army Base in Southern Israel

Among the items that were stolen were sleeping bags, tactical equipment and approximately 25 liters (6.6 gallons) of fuel.

10,000-Strong Jewish Community Starts Building in the Negev after 2 Decades of Bedouin Lawsuits

The state representative refused to respond to the offer because it’s impolite to call a Supreme Court Justice an idiot.

Beer Sheva Judges Give Only 5 Years to Bedouin Who Sodomized 10-Year-Old Jewish Girl

The girl's father said: "I came to this sentencing prepared for the worst, and I didn’t expect justice because I know the system."

Bedouin Criminals Declare War on Tik Tok against Israeli Crime Lord

News12 cited a Bedouin criminal from the south who said, "We declared war on Amos Lavi and his people."

Report: Ra’am Forced Lapid-Bennett to Cut Homes Intended for Bedouin IDF Vets

“I am proud of my firm stand by my brothers in arms, the Bedouin warriors."

Indictments Against Two Terror Bedouins

The two acted on behalf of a Hamas terrorist from Gaza.

Lapid Praises Self Defense Group Hashomer Hachadash for Fighting Agricultural Terrorism

"There is a danger greater than Iran, and that’s our internal security."

Coalition Islamist Party’s Hidden Charter Dedicated to Fighting Zionism

"Just as Allah brought you here as a multitude, so will you come to him, in tight chains."

Bedouin Baby Who Drowned in Bucket of Water Revived by Doctor and Volunteer EMT

Five minutes into the resuscitation effort, the baby regained a pulse and some level of consciousness.

As Israel Hesitates, Illegal Outpost of Khan al-Ahmar is Expanding

The residents of Khan al-Ahmar demand to be moved inside the Green Line, anywhere else, they fear the Palestinian Authority will be able to target them.

After 13 Years of Deliberations, Govt. Applies to High Court for Extension in Khan...

No matter who has been in power, the government always backs down from its obligation to evacuate and relocate the illegal Arab outpost.

1,200-Year-Old Splendid Rural Estate Discovered in Negev Bedouin City

"Our biggest surprise was the discovery of an opening below the vaulted rooms, that led into a deep rock-hewn cistern."


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