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Just Like Bibi, Bennett-Lapid Govt. Seeks to Postpone Removal of Illegal Khan al Ahmar...

After severely criticizing Benjamin Netanyahu for his inaction on the removal of the illegal Arab outpost of Khan al-Ahmar, Bennett is seeking to further postpone the evacuation, adopting the same line of the Netanyahu government.

Ben Gvir Unapologetic for Late MK Alkharumi Attack Tweet

It stands to show you that even the ancient principle of "Achrei mot kdoshim" has limits.

Ra’am MK Said Alkharumi Dies of Heart Attack, Led Effort to Legitimize Illegal Bedouin...

Alkharumi was a constant source of concern for the coalition leadership that feared his appetite for sabotaging its legislative efforts.

Shin Bet Arrests 7 Bedouins for Attacks on Jews During Operation Guardian of the...

They allegedly took part in a number of riots and violent demonstrations in the south and center of the country and threw rocks at vehicles and police forces in May while IDF forces were engaged in a counterterrorism operation against Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Water in the Negev: Why Israeli Taxpayers Are Suckers

It looks like what happens in the Negev doesn’t really stay in the Negev. It digs deep into your pockets up north.

State Comptroller: No One Knows How Many Bedouin Live in Israel

Israel's State Comptroller Matanyahu Englman's report published Wednesday morning suggests that the state authorities do not know the size of the Bedouin population in...

New Hope, Ra’am, at War over Defeated Cannabis Legalization Bill

Almost every Arab MK on Wednesday voted against the bill.

And Now for Something Completely Different: Awarding Khan Al-Ahmar’s Squatters Israeli Passports

Moving them to the foot of Mt. Masada could solve a major dilemma for the left-right, Lapid-Bennett coalition.

Bedouin Millionaire Indicted on Collaborating with Iran

Yaakub Abu al-Qiyan ran to the Knesset on Moshe Yaalon's Knesset list.

Bennett Government Accedes to Islamist Ra’am Party Ultimatum

Regavim: “The extortionist demand that the Israeli government must dance to Ra'am’s tune endangers the Negev and the entire State of Israel.”

Meretz Minister: We Missed an Opportunity for Legal Status to More than 3,000 Palestinian...

Frej explained that Shaked's remarks about upgrading the status of 1,600 Palestinians concerned only the six months of the extended temporary order.

Ben-Gvir Warns Evyatar Settlers Bennett Is Out to Swindle Them and He May Not...

It was his sarcastic way of reminding the good people of the outpost that the man they're doing business with has grown a reputation for lying to his voters.

Islamist MK Accused of Involvement in Illegal Land Grabs

The illegal land grab blocked the establishment of a new Bedouin neighborhood.​

Yamina Minister to Haredi Leaders: When Did You Last Pray Lying Down in the...

The most combative among the incoming team was undoubtedly the next Minister of Religious Services (Bennett's old job) Matan Kahana from Yamina.

Regavim: Bennett, Shaked, Agreed to Hand the Negev Over to the Bedouin

With Al-Kharomi having this much influence over the fate of the Negev Bedouin, Bennett might as well have surrendered to his cat the family's entire supply of cream.
Israel Uncensored: Regulating Bedouin Settlement in the Negev

New Govt. Coalition Agreement Abandons Negev, Regavim Warns

The coalition agreements place both the Bedouin Settlement Authority and the Knesset’s Interior Committee, the key actors on the Negev issue, under the complete control of the left-wing bloc and the Islamic party Ra'am.

Ra’am’s Price for Joining Bennett-Lapid Government: Bedouin Controlled Negev

"These are no longer issues of right and left, they are issues of Zionism in the face of the danger to the existence of the State of Israel."

Police Took Security Chief’s Weapon Based on Bedouins’ Complaints – Sunday He Was Stabbed...

During their detention, the suspects threatened revenge against the two auxiliary policemen, and shortly thereafter they filed a complaint with the Policemen Investigations Unit.

Anarchy Ruling the Streets of Israel’s Jewish-Arab Mixed Communities

A woman living in Arad was the victim of a near-lynch earlier this week, with rioters pulling her out of her car on Highway 31 and torching her vehicle.

Judge Jails Bedouin Who Posted Courtroom Shenanigans on TikTok

Al-Huarin's co-star and the person who shot the video (his leg is visible in the final frames) have not been captured.

One Bedouin Tribe Remains Red, the Rest of Israel Is Over the Pandemic

On Monday, according to the Health Ministry, there was only one new Haredi Corona patient in the country.

Illegal Bedouin Construction in Negev Grows by 1,200%

A new Bedouin outpost was recently established at the entrance to the city of Arad and eastward towards Masada and the Dead Sea.

Clinton Bailey’s Archive of Ancient Bedouin Culture Now Available for Free Online

Hundredsof hours of singular audio recordings, photos and slides from fifty years of research.

Israeli Arrested for Revealing Iron Dome Positions to Hamas

The man split his life between Rafah (Gaza) and Rehovot.

Report: Bedouin Bandits Bribe IDF Soldiers to Let Them Rob their Bases in the...

Ahmed revealed for the first time that he and some of his gang members regularly bribe IDF soldiers who in return allowing them to enter bases to steal bullets.

Bedouin Bandit Breaches Air Force Base; Soldiers, Cops, Chopper Bungle Pursuit (Update)

"The State of Israel must draw the line, and formulate a comprehensive, all-encompassing and non-negotiable solution to the problem of Bedouin crime in the Negev."

The Lawless Negev: 3 Bedouin Stuck a Knife to my Belly, I Begged for...

"I look back for a moment and I see three masked figures talking with an Arabic accent and armed with knives and machetes."


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