Shin Bet Thwarts Arab Israelis Aiming to Join Islamic State

This investigation is added to other recent probes in which the Shin Bet thwarted activity on behalf of Islamic State operatives in Israel.

Bedouin IDF Recruit Caught Spying for Gaza Terrorists

Bedouins are not required by law to serve in the IDF, but as early as the 1950s, Bedouins have elected to enlist.

9th Century Luxurious Estate and Mosque Uncovered in Bedouin City of Rahat

The findings shed light on the beginnings of the historical process that took place in the northern Negev with the introduction of Islam.

Regavim: Bennett Selling Out the Negev in Exchange for Coalition Stability

"The policy of whitewashing illegal Bedouin settlements is racist and absurd."

Israel Adding 100,000 Housing Units for Bedouin

Thirty thousand of the housing units are to be developed within the next five years.

ISIS Claims Responsibility for Hadera Attack, 2nd Without Intelligence Warning

Stunningly, these murderous attacks have taken place exactly 20 years after operation Defensive Shield.

BGU President: Islamists Ran Chastity Patrols on Campus, Terrorized Female Students

In the video, R. is seen talking to two of her girlfriends while two men are watching them from a distance.

Minister Hendel Proposes Affirmative Action for Good Bedouin

Hendel’s Communications Ministry is also offering new enrichment programs for Jewish youths, especially in the periphery.

Watch: Bedouin IDF Soldier Robs Gas Station

The officers found in his vehicle the property he had allegedly robbed.

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu: Israel Offers Pity to Bedouin, Cruelty to Jews

Watch his video, explaining that a failed court system is the root cause of Bedouin anarchy.

2 Brothers of Be’er Sheva Terrorist Arrested; Police Boost Security

The terrorist lost his job as a teacher with five other Bedouin ISIS supporters after he was caught teaching ISIS ideology in class.

Security Apparatus Concerned about Copycat Attacks by Israeli Bedouin

On the eve of Ramadan, in March, so far, eight murderous attacks have been carried out “spontaneously.”

Police Refuse to Return Weapon to Civilian Who Shot Terrorist

In past similar cases, police have been known to keep personal weapons for weeks at a time after a civilian has fired the gun in self-defense.

Arab Knesset Factions Condemn Be’er Sheva Terrorist Attack

Ra'am: "The Arab citizens of the state are law-abiding and denounce anybody who uses violence against other citizens."

Border Police Undercover Officers Kill Bedouin Suspect Who Opened Fire on Them in Rahat

The Border Police said that the officers opened fire only when their lives were in danger.

High Court Forces Govt. to Move Toward Conclusion on Illegal Khan al Ahmar Post

The Bennett coalition is seeking to further postpone the evacuation, adopting the same line of the Netanyahu government.

Terror Factions in Gaza Establish Committee to Support Arabs Inside Israel

The representative of the Islamic Jihad added that “there is a great plan that directs our people inside (in Israel) and Gaza.”

After 13 Years of Deliberations, Govt. Applies to High Court of Justice for 48-Hour...

After severely criticizing Benjamin Netanyahu for his inaction on the removal of the illegal Arab outpost of Khan al-Ahmar, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett is seeking to further postpone the evacuation, adopting the same line of the Netanyahu government.

Israeli Bedouin Consul Rescues 150 Non-Israeli and Israeli Arab Students from Ukraine

"There are Lebanese, Syrian and Egyptian citizens on the Israeli bus."

Bedouin Shepherds Destroy Israeli Orchard, Leave Note Declaring War

Wednesday's attack follows a series of very serious attacks in recent days in northern Israel on Yavne'el, Ilaniya, Havat Amud, and Ma'ale Gilboa.

EMT Rescues Five from Burning Building in Bedouin Town

"When I saw children hiding under the bed, I knew that I had to get them out as quickly as possible.”

IDF Assists PA Arabs Infiltrating via Hole in Fence and Blocked by Bedouin Demanding...

Eventually, an IDF force arrived at the scene and helped the PA Arabs infiltrate safely into Israeli territory.

4 Bedouin Arrested for Assault on Jewish Journalist and Torching His Car

The four assaulted the journalist, stole his personal belongings from his vehicle, and torched it after realizing that he was a Jew.

IDF Special Force Egoz Commanders Ousted following Investigation of Friendly Fire Tragedy

The Chief of Staff removed Lt. N. from his post and decreed that he will never again serve in a command position in a combat unit.

95% of 7,143 Cases Involving Rock-Throwing Terror Attacks Were Closed, Knesset Survey Shows

The data was presented to the Committee on Tuesday during a debate held following a motion for the agenda entitled “The failure to prosecute individuals who throw stones or Molotov cocktails,” submitted by Member of Knesset Ofir Katz (Likud) and Avi Maoz (Religious Zionism).

Residents of Khan al-Ahmar Feel Used by the PA, It Made Them ‘Soldiers to...

“The Palestinian Authority considers us soldiers to defend the E1 areas and will not give up the outpost,” explained one of the family heads.

30 Bedouin Arrested for Anti-JNF Planting Riots

The violent scenes were reminiscent of the countrywide Muslim riots in May in support of Hamas during Operation Guardian of the Walls.


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