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Hydrogen molecules

A new landscape map featuring more than 130 of the 230 innovative energy tech companies has been created in a joint project by Start-Up Nation Central, Ignite the Spark, members of the Israeli energy community and the Israeli Export Institute to highlight the breadth and depth of the Israeli energy tech ecosystem.

The 2023 map includes companies involved in energy production, energy distribution, energy storage, hydrogen solutions, waste-to-energy, carbon capture, and OT cyber solutions for energy-specific applications, representing a jump from the 100 companies featured in 2022.


It was launched at an event held at Start-Up Nation Central that included leading companies and organizations active in the Israeli EnergyTech community. At the event, stakeholders discussed current and future challenges, as well as possible solutions, in the sector.

EnergyTech sector experts also presented in-depth knowledge and insights across a wide range of promising companies currently operating in Israel.

Relevant stakeholders included multinational companies, financial entities, investors, decision-makers at the national level, and leaders of multinational initiatives both in Israel and around the world.

Start-Up Nation Central sees EnergyTech in particular and ClimateTech in general as sectors experiencing the most significant growth potential in the Israeli ecosystem,” said Start-Up Nation Central’s Head of the Climate Tech Sector Yael Weisz Zilberman.

“The remarkable growth of the energy tech ecosystem demonstrates its dual nature: not only does it tackle the toughest sectors to decarbonize, but it also embraces a rapidly expanding business landscape,” added Ignite the Spark CEO Shon Dana.

“We fully recognize that this journey is undeniably a roller coaster. Yet we are here to empower any bold pioneer with the vision to become the next gigacorn.”

The energy sector is one of the world’s fastest-growing tech verticals, particularly given the global challenges and growing need to reduce total emissions. With around 70 percent of global greenhouse gas emissions attributed to the energy sector, innovation directed at reducing this impact is critical to achieving net zero.

One of the most important areas of innovation in the Israeli EnergyTech ecosystem is in hydrogen. Considered by many as a silver bullet to drive the transition to a low-carbon economy, Israeli startups are developing a range of solutions to produce, store, and transport hydrogen more efficiently and cost-effectively.

In recent climate change summits, global players made significant commitments to reduce emissions and make drastic policy changes in energy production and consumption. In this context, global players are actively seeking for innovative solutions to meet their emission reduction targets, including in the Israeli ecosystem. Understanding which technologies and initiatives have the greatest potential for addressing climate change is essential.

The EnergyTech Landscape Map is intended to help multinational companies and venture capital investors identify high-potential Israeli companies and solutions in the sector.

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