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Amazon's Hebrew language website

If you live in Israel and click Amazon’s page, you are transferred to the world’s largest retailer’s Israeli delivery section.

But as of today, Wednesday, if you’re an Israeli businessperson looking to start selling via the world’s largest retailer, you can access Amazon’s Hebrew language website.


The new Hebrew website is dedicated to luring in businesses, with explanations of who Amazon is, why it would mean a huge improvement in their sales (300 million customers around the world), and how to get started. The website also features video interviews with Israelis who have been conducting their business on Amazon.

Amazon points to what might be the most critical element in its expected success in the holy land, namely its highly reputable shipping service, including collection, packing, shipping and customer service. Israelis normally must settle for the unreliable and annoying delivery services of the post office, which include a mandatory visit to your local branch with a delivery notice that may have been slipped into your mailbox well after your package had been returned to sender. The other options are UPS and its clones which are more reliable but very expensive. The promise of genuine Amazon delivery standards at Amazon delivery rates is huge.

Except that, according to Globes, those delivery services are not going to be available in Israel just yet, and it is unclear if and when Amazon will begin operating them.

The biggest victim of the Amazon invasion is Israel’s fashion industry, whose earnings have already been cut by as much as 60% by competition from other online global retailers. Next in line would be the country’s numerous shopping malls, which are already busy introducing new attractions to bring Israeli shoppers in.

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