Photo Credit: courtesy Yigal Levy Architects Studio
Planned rehabilitation complex for the Jerusalem Warriors' House.

For the first time in Israel, the Jerusalem municipality’s local planning committee has approved the construction of a healing, convalescence and rehabilitation village for disabled IDF veterans, to be established in the Beit HaLochem complex.

The proposed plan includes expansion of the current 40-dunam Beit HaLochem (Warriors’ House) on Aharon Sholov Street and Kolitz Street and involves construction of a building above an underground parking lot.


The program is being sponsored by the IDF Organization for the Disabled. The architect will be Yigal Levy from the “Yigal Levy Studio” office.

The plan also includes a significant expansion of the various functions in the existing Beit HaLochem, which are provided for the IDF’s disabled veterans, including a recovery village and a new treatment complex that will have all the facilities required for rehabilitation, recovery and convalescence, plus a complex of halls for cultural events and retreats for the disabled veterans.

In addition, a new rehabilitation treatment complex will feature a hydrotherapy pool, a physical therapy clinic and a holistic treatment complex.

“We consider it a supreme value to aid to the rehabilitation of IDF soldiers who devoted themselves to the defense of the homeland and paid a heavy price in physical and mental injury during their military service,” the Jerusalem municipality said.

“The expansion of the Beit HaLochem in the capital will increase the variety of services for the disabled IDF fighters in the city, and their families. We welcome the approval of the plan. We will continue to embrace the security forces and help them, support and be a strong and loving rear. We salute you!”

Although the first to be established in Israel, the model already exists elsewhere, according to Attorney Idan Kaliman, Chairman of the IDF Disabled People’s Organization.

“We thank the Jerusalem Municipality for their cooperation and assistance in expanding the Jerusalem Veterans Home. The warrior homes are based on an international rehabilitation model, and their expansion makes it possible to intensify the rehabilitation work we carry out in them,” Kaliman said.

“At this time, we at the IDF Disabled Organization are preparing to receive an unprecedented amount of IDF wounded, and the expansion of the Beit HaLochem in Jerusalem is the first step of many on the way to expanding the rehabilitation envelope for the IDF wounded who protect our country with their body and soul.”


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